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WordCamp Asheville 2019

Wow! What an incredible event! I must say, this is WordCamp was done well and had wonderful attendees/speakers/sponsors/organizers/volunteers that pulled everything together beautifully. 

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Snap! Conference 2019

Recently we attended the Snap! Conference (May 11th - 15th), led by the Wonderful team of Mandy and Kim. This event was held at the Little America hotel in the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah! As the other attendees know, this was the place to be for crafters and bloggers that week. Jonathan and Danielle attended SnapConf, and they had an absolute blast!

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Webinars are back!

We are delighted to announce that our webinars are making a comeback! On March 5th, at 1 p.m EST, we will be conducting a webinar on our Youtube Channel called “Getting Started with the Cloud Control Panel”. This webinar will be going over the Cloud Control Panel that we have custom built for our clients (you can see more about it here) New and current clients are welcome to join us. Our Support Team Lead, Danielle Hardy, will be your host for this webinar.

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JoomlaDay Italy 2018

This past weekend, two of our team members (Danielle and Eyvonne) attended Joomla! Day Italy in Turino, Italy. This event was held in a beautiful location, and was full of eager attendees waiting to learn, enthusiastic sponsors, and organizers who made the event possible. It was an excellent turn-out, and had many sessions.

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Making the Most of Our Affiliate Program


Our Affiliate Program offers 30% recurring commissions on all hosting product purchases. So, every time your client makes their renewal payment (monthly or annually) for their website, you get a 30% commision! Here are some basic instructions on how to sign up:

1. Activate your Affiliate Account by logging into your CCP and going to “Affiliate” and selecting “Overview” from the drop-down. On the page that opens, click “Activate Affiliate Account”

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Site Builders or CMS’s?


So you’re getting ready to build your first website, and you aren’t sure exactly where to start. Then suddenly, you see an advertisement for Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy, (etc.) that shows you how “simple” setting up a website is with their site builder. That sounds perfect! You sign up and create your site as easily as the advertisement made it seem. Now let’s skip six months into the future, and your business is booming. You find that you need to do some custom coding on your website to make it look a little more aesthetically pleasing, only you can’t do that. Instead, you decide to just settle and install some plugins/extensions that will do what you need them to, only you can’t do that. As a last resort, you decide to migrate your website to a different hosting provider, where you can use Joomla! or WordPress instead (since these are more customizable), only you can’t do that either. These site builders are good for just spinning up website’s, but in most situations, they are not what the client needs. I am going to tell you a few of the many reasons why these quick site builders are never the best option.

The biggest reason, in my opinion, is that site builders are not open source, whereas Joomla! and WordPress are. If you ever need to, the source code is 100% available and customizable. This gives you the option to add/edit CSS, amongst the ability to tinker with the core of the program. If you find that you need help and your hosting company is unable to help you, there are large communities out there where you can easily reach out for help. Anytime there are holes in the security and stability, they are discovered fast and patches are released quite shortly after.

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