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Attention New Joomla & WordPress Users: 

If you're a new Joomla or WordPress user, we recommend watching one of our recorded webinars in order to learn the basics. If you still have questions, consider registering for one our free Interactive Open Forum webinars listed below. You'll be able to post follow-up questions, speak with the host and get answers.


Learn the Basics of Joomla 3


Beyond the Basics of Joomla 3


Learn the Basics of WordPress

Learn to launch and develop your own Joomla or WordPress website!


When: Friday, October 3, 2014 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EST

Free to Attend - Register & Arrive Early - Space is Limited

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Attention New Joomla or WordPress Users: 

If you're new to our webinars, we encourage you to watch one of our recorded webinars to learn the basics of your application before attending this live open forum webinar. Many times you can get answers to your questions a lot sooner by watching one of these recorded sessions. 

Learn the Basics of Joomla 3

Beyond the Basics of Joomla 3

Learn the Basics of WordPress 

Ask Questions, Get Answers

The host of the Interactive Open Forum Webinar is willing to answer your questions about core Joomla and WordPress features including:

    • Launching a free WordPress or Joomla application from the Cloud Control Panel™(CCP)
    • Using the various features of the Cloud Control Panel™(CCP)
    • Accessing the front end and the administration area or dashboard of your WordPress or Joomla application
    • Installing & Using Joomla Templates or WordPress Themes
    • Creating Categories, Articles, Posts & Pages
    • Incorporating & embedding various forms of media into your application
    • Creating custom menus and menu items 
    • Using Joomla Modules & WordPress Widgets
    • Installing Joomla Extensions & WordPress Plugins
    • Using the basic functionaliy of the core Joomla or WordPress editors for formatting articles/posts/pages

Who should attend?

3This webinar is intended for new Joomla and WordPress users, but even if you're an experienced user and you'd like to ask a question, feel to register and join us for the Q&A session. Everyone can gain information from the webinar. Many attendees find it useful to watch one of our recorded webinars above before attending. As you learn and develop, feel free to attend as many webinars as you'd like to get your questions answered.

About the Presenter

bernbernRyan Bernstein is the content creator and manager and the host of our free & live daily webinars. Ryan is also a composition and public speaking instructor at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, Michigan. He has a background in education, a Bachelors Degree in English and Communications from Western Michigan University and a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Denver. Ryan actively volunteers in the Joomla community as a member of the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) team, the Jooma Events Team, the Joomla Marketing Team, and he is a contributing author to the Joomla Community Magazine (JCM). On occasion, other super talented team members may also server as webinar panelists to answer advanced questions. 

Google Maps for Joomla Made Easy


When: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EST 

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Free to Attend - Register & Arrive Early - Space is Limited

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Looking for a highly functional Google Maps component for Joomla? Look no further! Hotspots 4 is powerful, easy to install, set-up and use! Learn how to customize the component so your maps function exactly how you'd like so you can create the user experience you're after. This webinar is intended for any site administrator wanting to learn how to easily integrate Goolge Maps into a Joomla site. 

 This is webinar will be presented by our friends at CompoJoom

Visit the Hotspots Product Page

What you will learn:

In this 60 minute information-packed webinar, you will learn about Hotspots features including: 

    • Installation & configuration
    • The User Interface
    • Adding Map Markers
    • Using the Geocode feature
    • Weather API support
    • Integration options for other popular Joomla components
    • Core Hotspots vs. Professional Hotspots features

Stick around for a Q&A session at the end!