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keith big


Systems Engineer


Keith works out of our Traverse City office and enjoys working with because we’re “rapidly moving forward by listening and adapting to customers’ needs.” Keith did his homework on before joining our team. He saw that we acquired our own IP addresses and that we were using any-cast DNS. When he discovered that we were a LAMP shop and that he was able to run Linux from his work desktop, he was sold. Keith enjoys being part one of our valued System Administrators. Prior to joining our team, Keith ran his own web and UNIX shell hosting service. Keith’s a pretty savvy self-taught tech whiz, and to prove it, he enjoys reading his personal collection of obsolete computer manuals and legacy software languages in his free time. He also enjoys watching talks from information security conferences and opencourseware lectures, pronouncing the names of dinosaurs with his son, and playing Scratch (from MIT) with his daughter.