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CMS in the Classroom

Knowledge is power. We respect that.

We know that teachers are doing valuable work with students around the world. That's why we developed CMS in the Classroom, a program that puts the powerful Joomla and WordPress content management systems into the hands of students and teachers absolutely free of charge. CMS in the Classroom is designed to help teachers incorporate Joomla and WordPress into their curriculum and instruction without spending a dime.

Why CMS in the Classroom?

  • Teachers have a ready-to-go platform for teaching web skills like HTML, CSS, PHP, FTP, SFTP, SSH business development, Internet protocols, product marketing and more  
  • Students can develop a skill set using popular, open source web technologies that will serve them long into their future
  • IT'S FREE! Teachers and students will have free sites, hosting services and training material to succeed

Getting Started with CMS in the Classroom

Step 1
Teachers simply instruct their students to individually navigate to one of the following links depending on the curriculum. 
Free Joomla Hosting
Free WordPress Hosting

Step 2 
Students fill out the form at the top of the page, then continue through checkout using their educational email address. Within seconds, they are provisioned their own Joomla or WordPress site to be used for educational purposes. 

It's that simple... and with this improved workflow based on our Free Hosting Program, there are a few clear benefits. Students are now able to leverage the capabilities of our Cloud Control Panel which allows the teachers to focus on what's important (teaching). 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does CMS in the Classroom cost?

Nothing. Zip. Zero. The program is free of charge. CloudAccess.net cares about teaching students how to use open source web technologies. After all, it was great teachers who turned us on to web development and open source software in the first place. The only thing we might ask of you is to let us know how successful you were with the program.

Can students keep the sites when the program is over?

Yep. Since the students launch their own free accounts on the CloudAccess.net Platform, they are fully capable of downloading a copy of their site OR continually renewing their site to keep it online.

How can I create a snapshot of a site?

Creating a backup is an easy process. Learn how to manage backups.

Can I purchase a domain name?

Absolutely. If a student decides to keep a site and put it on a custom domain name, that's great! We offer paid hosting and support plans that can be found on our homepage http://www.cloudaccess.net

How long are the CMS in the Classroom sites active?

CMS in the Classroom is based on our Free Joomla and WordPress Hosting. The sites can be kept online indefinitely and include a simple, free renewal process.