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PHP Settings

About the CloudAccess.net php.ini Platform Settings

LAMP applications such as WordPress and Joomla require settings and versions of PHP, a programming language used to run the application. Managed and updated PHP is a service provided to clients on the Cloudaccess.net Platform. CloudAccess.net manages all PHP versions, security updates and patches. If you need assistance with any of the PHP setting in our hosting service, submit a support ticket and our engineers will respond to your questions.

Custom php.ini Settings

We provide a robust PHP platform with large, open settings. We give your LAMP application plenty of room to move on our servers. In most cases, having a custom php.ini file is not required. We provide our clients with a rich set of PHP settings directly out of the box when they launch one of our products. If your application has special PHP needs please submit a support ticket. Your documentation may state that you need custom php.ini settings, but in most cases our platform has the larger setting already enabled. If you require a setting we do not offer within our standard hosting plans, we can offer custom php.ini settings for a single site. If you feel that a PHP setting should be added to our shared hosting platform, please submit a support ticket, tell us why you feel the setting should be added, and we will review it.

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