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Affiliate Program

Earn money with Cloudaccess.net

Signup for the CloudAccess.net Affiliate System and earn recurring monthly income. The CloudAccess.net Affiliate System provides great possibilities to generate income based on signups through your unique affiliate URL. It’s as simple as copy, paste, & earn.


Earn Free Hosting

Earn credits and pay your own invoices with each new signup.


Recurring Revenue Stream

Receive a percentage of each new signup's payments as long as their products remain active. 


Easy to Set-up

Activate your affiliate account and utilize our easy-to-use tools to share your affiliate URL. 

How it works?

When you refer a client to CloudAccess.net through your unique affiliate URL, and that client purchases a hosting product, a commission will be applied to your affiliate account for each invoice paid by that client. Every step is transparent - you see real-time accounting of your active referrals, pending commissions, commission history and withdrawal history. 

To start earning money today, simply use one of the following options:


Add an Affiliate Badge

To get an affiliate badge, simply log into your Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) and navigate to your Affiliate System page. From there, you can review a list of badges that already have your affiliate link included. Need help? Just ask and we will add the badge and you can just sit back and earn!


Add an Affiliate Page

We have have created a series of attractive pages, each already containing your affiliate URL. Simply log into your CCP and review the available promotional pages. Need help? Just ask and we will add the page and you can just sit back and earn!


Share on Social Accounts

With the click of a button you can share your affiliate link to your social accounts. By recommending our services, you will be earning a percentage of invoices paid by people who sign-up through your post.

Frequently Asked Questions

What separates the CloudAccess.net Affiliate System from the rest?

Would you rather make $50 today, or $10 per month for years? Unlike other providers, our affiliate system continues to pay beyond the initial sign-up.

Is the process transparent to the signups?

People that sign-up through your affiliate link are redirected to the CloudAccess.net homepage. From that point, they are not made aware of any affiliation between your account and theirs. You simply sit back and take a percentage of what they are invoiced.