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Keep your plugins and CMS updated.

At last, a simple tool to keep your website and associated plugins up-to-date! Our new Smart Updater is easy, flexible and effective.



What can it do?


Auto Updating

View a list of available updates for your sites. You can include and exclude particular updates as needed.

before after

Screenshot comparison

We will take "before and after" screenshots of your page to analyze potential update problems.



Pick the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and preferred time you'd like updates to be performed.



If we detect a problem during the update process we will automatically roll your site back to it’s previous state.

restore points

Restore points

A backup is created before each update and is available for you to use.



You will get an email with the results of the update and the “before and after” screenshots.

How it works?

Fully automated and ready to go.

Nobody likes to update websites, but you gotta do it to keep your website secure. Still, it’s time and effort that could be spent elsewhere.

That’s where Smart Updater comes in: it automatically creates a restore point for you, compares the website before and after the update, and helps you roll back the update if something goes wrong. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Only $6 per month

Free with every Business Plan

Our Smart Updater is available for all clients who have our Business Plan. If you do not have our Business Plan, it can be added for an additional $6/month for each site.

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Love it! One of the best tools on the market. I don’t know how I could live without it. My life is so much easier now.


Janis Miciopucios

The Pirate

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