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Free Site Migrations

Moving a website from one hosting provider to another can be downright difficult. That’s why we include free site migrations with our Standard and Business Plans. Our expert Support Team is trained to handle the many complexities of site migrations. All for the sole purpose of making the process fast and simple for our clients.

Zero Downtime
In most cases our team is able to migrate your site, ensure it’s functionality and point the domain name without any downtime!

Easy as Pie
We have designed our migration process to reduce web-aches. Just provide our team access to your control panel, and we will take care of the rest.


Frequently asked questions about migrations:

Do you use a site migration tool or plugin?
Yes, however the tool used depends largely on the site and host. Our team is well versed with many different migration tools and we can identify the right tool for each individual migration.

Can I test the migrated site before it goes live?
Yes, all sites on the CloudAccess.net network are provided an alternate URL that can be found in the Cloud Control Panel. In regards to WordPress migrations, some may find that their site may not fully load with the alternate URL. In these instances, it is possible to update your “host” file on your computer to view the site as it will be on your main domain name.