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It's rare for companies to over-deliver and CloudAccess.net is one of those rare companies. Two days ago I had to suddenly move my Joomla/VirtueMart site. I chose CloudAccess based on the YouTube videos I'd watched when learning to use Joomla and it's one of the smartest choices I've made for hosting my site. I had phone support with no long waits (and with people who spoke English!) to help me through choosing the right plan and how to instigate the migration. My site offers primarily digital downloads and it took extra work to get those transferred and integrated. During all the long hours of phone conversations, everyone was patient and acted as if my concerns were their biggest priority.I'm especially grateful to Pam who sat on the phone with me while we tried to troubleshoot a perplexing issue. When I was expecting a reply to that issue to be "here's what you need to do" it was instead "here's what we did to fix it." How does it get any better than that? I'm thoroughly impressed with their service and support. I know they really went beyond their standard service and I so totally appreciate it! I'm not a developer but I do have some understanding of development and it's such a great feeling to know that there's someone who has my back. My website is now home! Lindee G LindeeGEmbroidery.com

Congratulations for Derek on your support team. Excellent response time.

Today I was in tears today because I found out my website was no longer active. I called your payment team and had the pleasure of speaking with Charlie. He was kind, patient, helpful, & supportive. He found out the problem and fixed it! I personally wanted to take a few minutes to tell you I am very impressed with Charlie! What a wonderful person you have on your team! Kudos to Charlie & Cloud Access. Thank you so very much.

Regarding to Derek he's doing great job!
he helped me a lot with a problem i had while trying to upload some files to the demo server.

I was fed up with my other hosting company. Joomla was never running as it was meant to and when you contacted the support department it was always your own fault and your own problem. I searched the Internet and came across CloudAccess.net. I was a little reluctant, because I also read a few (old) reviews with very negative comments about performance issues between the demo and payed account. I expressed my doubts to them and they came back with an honest answer : "there were problems in the past, but they resolved it by adjusting their systems and strengthen the support and development team". I decided to give it a try and I am very happy I did. Joomla is running great, no problems whatsoever. Not even with the third party extensions. The (complex) website I transferred is running OK now (it seemed that my previous host had some wrong server settings). The few support questions I had were solved most adequate, very quick and very professional. They also were more than helpful transferring the (production) website to their environment. It was up and running in no time, although the domain name is registered somewhere else.Based on my experience I can safely recommend CloudAccess.net. They are a little bit more expensive, but in return you get a very stable environment with instant professional support, which means you save a lot of time on maintenance and development and more important, you feel at ease knowing your hosting is in good hands. Keep up the great work guys! And, by the way, forget the old negative reviews you might find on the Internet.

Wow thanks for the compliment Gary! I guess it seems I'm becoming a developer. As you know I was on the free 30 day trial which is the first time I touched Joomla - that says a lot for the Cloudbase support and the template! I'm a BusDev and Marketing guy and have been frustrated with C-Level people unable to understand portals and the $50-$100K price tags I've had to swallow for half measures in either Drupal or custom work that eventually get abandoned. I'm bringing in a Joomla guy to help with further development on this because I have many people interested in similar type platforms now. Meeting with them and talking Bus Strategy is keeping me very busy now. Couldn't have done it without you guys. Thanks.

I have been developing Joomla websites for many years, exclusively, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hosting is always a concern. I am now strongly encouraging and aiding my many dozens of clients in moving their sites over to Cloud Access. What a relief to find Joomla specialists in a hosting company. They update Joomla for free, they lock down old Joomla sites, protecting them from hackers and they support my clients with their Joomla questions! This frees me up to build more sites from scratch, which is my passion. My first client to move has been Jeanne Simonoff, who wrote a wonderful memoir about her jewish childhood.
I highly recommend Cloud Access as an excellent host for your Joomla site.

I wanted to let you know that Derek has been really helpful and quick to respond in helping me set up my new account. I'm new to Joomla! and cloudaccess, and to web design in general, and so far the experience has been positive.
All best.

I came across your company in a desperate search for a solution to meet the needs of my company. I couldn’t have found a better Joomla hosting and professional services company to work with. Over the course of the last year you helped me to double my production levels and I feel secure that my sites are hosted with your services. I highly recommend anyone with Joomla requirements to contact CloudAccess.net immediately. I have yet to meet a company in this field that has a higher level of professionalism or drive to make those around them successful.
Kris, thanks for the great support. Everyone I have contacted at Cloudaccess has been a big help and very friendly.
It is a pleasure having you guys as a hosting company. I will tell all of my friends about the quality of service and excellent system you have created.

I want to thank Derek he is really being helpful
Many thanks

We were very fortunate to find MichiganMedia.net in 2002 when we needed a new website. They built our site using a content management system Joomla! and improved our site's performance with the latest SEO.
We have increased our business by over 500% thanks to MichiganMedia.net (New name cloudaccess.net) !!

This is to let you know that I needed to open three o four different support tickets already and I can tell that the system has been set to provide an automated response which has been followed on timely and professionally manner by every one of the Support Reps. I have dealt with. You guys rock !!

The custom marketing software you built for our company is doing a wonderful job helping us to succeed in our new online business venture. Our book sales have been up and we are proud of the system you built for us. We are really enjoying the stability of your services. Our business is doing wonderfully do to the success of our new Joomla website. Keep up the good work !!

The Tech Support Staff and all concerned there are many options for clients to choose from when it comes to hosting and tech support and customer service most promise what they cannot provide I have been with many.. all of you at Cloud Access should take a bow you are the very best that I have ever seen you go way beyond the call of duty I thank you!

Since we moved our site to your servers we have had a huge increase in speed and reliability.
Your professional services team has been great to work with for the many things I needed. Service has been fast and I appreciate the free Joomla version updates. I feel much more secure with my site on your servers.
Keep up the solid work.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me these last few days...they were responsive, and even when I totally locked myself out of the site when trying to "fix" the upload problem on my own, they never chided me (I hope they had a good laugh, though - they certainly deserved it after having to deal with me! :) ) and now, finally, I was able to upload step 3 of the "Create your Joomla website in 5 easy steps"! Yeah!! I stopped the process to write this thank you, but I am hoping that I am out of the woods and will be up playing in no time. (If not, you will be hearing from me!) Again, I just wanted to let you know that your staff were just great, and I am very appreciative of their help! - The staff in question are Irfan x2, Lucas Ciesielski, and Iwona.

Thank you for your great support and guidance while building my first Joomla site.
You made my job a lot easier. One of your engineers saved me hundreds of dollars by finding something better for me in just a few minutes.
I'm really happy I moved my Joomla site to your services.

I'm VERY impressed with the level of support I'm receiving just trying your web site design. This is a rare experience in today's market where companies want the sale more than they want to spend the time to provide technical support! Lucas Ciesielski has been very much with me as I experiment in setting up a test site.

I would like to thank you personally for making us look like absolute heroes. You have earned our respect, gratitude and future business. I have a meeting with a client to discuss the next steps for the site which will include tiered paid memberships and the ability for members to upload and add videos. We have received many Thank You notes from our clients already about the web sites.
We really are enjoying our partnership with you and are grateful for the superlative customer service we have received !!

Just wanted to note that Derek responds very quickly to my queries. I’ve got a very good impression on your site and the services you provide

In late 2008 we decided it was time to make a change from the content management systems we’d used over the past 2 years. This particular CMS had allowed us to build basic websites quickly and easily, however, it was very limited in available applications. After much research we settled on Joomla! as our new CMS of choice! I attended the CMS Expo in Denver and met Gary Brooks with Cloud Access. Gary has been a fantastic ally in our transition over the past 9 months. We’ve built and completed 22 Joomla! websites, and have 7 more in progress at the moment. Gary and the staff of Cloud Access have made their expertise available to us, helped us choose and execute the best applications for what our clients need. Additionally, they’ve taken our layered graphics files and programmed custom templates for us in an extremely timely and dependable manner. Above all, Gary and the Cloud Access staff have been extremely patient with us in our learning curve and made this transitional time for us an easy one. We could not have accomplished all that we have in the past 9 months without Cloud Access.

I saw the "How am I doing?" thing at the bottom of a response to my trouble ticket. You guys rock and I'm amazed at how fast a response came on a Low level ticket. Have a great day and a weekend full of truthiness.

It's with great pleasure to say that we are upgrading our services with Cloudaccess ..we tested the demo site and created our new site on joomla with your service.
Kind regards.

(about Iwona)
Hi dear;
u r treating me as a friend, very polite and answering me in time. i am yet to try the Joomla demo, didn't get time for now. But i do like what i see, and feel secure b/c of you, the support team. ;)))
thx buddy,

Thanks for the email and all the ideas. My day was unusually stacked with meetings so I didn’t get to view this until this evening. I am sorry for the delay and that will not be the norm.
I viewed this alone and with two other people. I love all of your ideas. Deciding was difficult. But in the end it was unanimous that we go with Pawel’s first creation of the front page (rgw-frontpage.jpg). The only change would be the depth that he put on the logo as that appeared on the 2.jpg. It took me all day Friday to begin to accept the what Pawel had created from what you gave him. But I sought an open mind and to trust that God is using you to do what He has wants. Same with my wife. Now we truly feel it is spot on. I have shown that first page to six people. The only reaction I have received is: “Wow!”
“Wow!” is good. So let’s go with that. I don’t think it is too light. Add the depth/shadow to the logo/name as in 2.jpg and it is there.
I still want to work in the LOGO of the Ichthus created by Canonball worked in somehow. I think that is a special work that Jonathon Simpson and his guys came up with. I think it is RGW. I am anxious to see what Pawel can do with it.
As for all the awesome pictures you sent, the dude reading his Bible in concept_1.jpg and the young folks holding up their Bibles in concept_2.jpg, I love those pictures. I also love all of the other pictures that you were going to use for the montage. Could we use those on the page where we have the picture of the cross in the blue background. Could those change as the pages flow through the site?
We are excited watching this come together. I love your insight and your passion. I wish I could tell Pawel how he made me feel with what he has created. It’s been a long year waiting to see all this. So many people have been praying for so long. Now that it is finally happening before our eyes it is a bit emotional for us. I wish you could see my wife and 20-yr-old son as they look at your work.
Keep it coming.

I got in now - a bit more manipulation in grey.css Want to thank you all for amazing help - it took it a long time but we got there - so thanks to Derek, Dom, Saubrabh & Iwona. I think that you all showed great support capabilities and patience. Please fwd this mail to Eric & Gary!
Thank you.

I just wanted to send in a quick email to say THANKS for the super quick (under 5 minute response time) response on the tickets I have been sending in. A tech by the name of Derek has responded to both of my tickets and he was very professional about it.
The most amazing part is that I have not yet paid you guys any money and yet your giving me AWESOME support.

I've just want to express my satisfaction that you have great support agent Iwona. Fast feedback and resolving the issues are the key. And Iwona is all that.

I had a problem getting my logo updated on my free site. Lucas provided the instructions and offered to update the logo himself. We must have sent several email over the course of an hour but it is up and running.
I am now a paying customer!

Wanted to say that I am very satisfied with the response I got from Derek and your team.

Thank you for rapid response to my problems,
My thanks to all of Irfan and Lucas Because they answer my question in detail and clearly.

I love your templates ... the CloudBase template is one of the best Joomla templates on the web.

It seems that it's working now. Thank you so much for the quick response. Love this Joomla team!

Just wanted to drop you a note- Irfan has been most helpful. Thank-you.

I am working on a sample Joomla site so that I can learn how to make changes to my live site @ macdowells.com. While Joomla is supposed to be "easy" to use, I am having great difficulty. I have submitted several help tickets and need to tell you that the tech (Iwona) that is answering them is great. Quick, helpful, and clear. I am so impressed with the help I am getting.
Thank you.

Thanks Irfan, And please give a shout out to Lucas today- that guy rocks shitout. Seriously, was a bigtime help today. Anyway...

Thanks for the fast response. Irfan was quick to respond-1 minute quick.

Derek provides great service. He is very knowledgeable and polite. He provides clear steps that can be referred to again in the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the work of your adviser Derek. He has the ability to communicate effectively, in short and crisp terms. I had no difficulty understanding him. He has a simple, yet powerful style of assistance through written communication.
Thanks & Regards.

I just wanted to take a minute to say I am very, very impressed with the speed of response to my small problem. Andrew responded almost immediately and appears to have dealt with my issue. Consider me overwhelmed.