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Client Testimonials

Do you have a story to tell? We'd love to hear about your experiences with CloudAccess.net!

I have had two reps help me in the last two days moving my site from my personal web server to you. The experience has been nothing less than professionalism at its best. I couldn't be more impressed with the response time, level of service or the mild forgiveness that has been extended to me, the rookie. Please extend a thank you to your team and I look forward to a positive future with cloudaccess.net.

I am contacting you regarding one of your Support Specialists, Lucas Ciesielski. Lucas has been extremely helpful to me with a recent technical issue with my joomla site, which was resolved promptly and efficiently. I saw the little 'how am I doing?' bit at the bottom of the messages, so I thought I would let you know!

Great work from your team member Lucas.
A big thank you to Derek, Lucas and Irfan for helping me get my template installed correctly. They are AWESOME!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the improved service. When I first started with Cloudaccess.net I didn't think we would still be in a hosting relationship. Since April when my service was moved to a new server by Chris to solve the problems I had on the previous hosting situation.
I applaud your decision to hire him as the service he provided was outstanding and was above and beyond. He was actually helping me once when you and other were headed out for lunch or dinner and opted to stay behind to finish my work. Commendable Service. the only reason I am writing.
Most of your support staff are courteous and helpful but I wanted to single out Chris as he was outstanding going above and beyond. I have literally had no or few issues since Chris straightened my service out.
Thank you for the fine Service.

I am pleased with service given to me by Derek. Very prompt in responding to enquiry.
Excellent work.

We are very pleased with the Cloudacess Team. Thank you very much!

This is Fabricio Murillo and I am writing to you because I realised in my support tickets that are a message regarding how the technicians are doing their job. I just want to say that I'm almost freshman regarding websites, but I'm not freshman dealing with customer service people, and I am impressed with the way Derek and Lucas are doing their job. They know the stuff and know are always willing to give an excellent service to customers.
Congratulations for them...regards.

Just wanted to commend Lucas for his help in getting me up and running after a template impasse had me "dead in the water". Probably kept me from abandoning Joomla for another software...I am very thankful for the help.

just a short note to let you know that I am very happy with help provided by Christopher Ecklesdafer - Joomla! Support Specialis
Kind regards.

Thanks Igor, all that was needed was the type, no code required.
Thanks Again. You guys are the best in the industry!

I just want to say what an amazing team you are. You really value your client. I am glad I chose you.
Thanks for everything I know I can rely on to help anytime.

I am writing just to praise Eyvonne for her excellent and prompt support. I had problems accessing administrator and she helped me resolve them in a split of a second. This reassured me and strengthened my confidence in choosing Joomla. Thank you.
All the best.

Just to say that I was impressed by Lucas Ciesielski's response to me today with regard to a support issue.
Great work Lucas!

You guys are great! It's rare to find someone who can explain complex procedures in very few words & steps like Lucas Ciesielski did with my domain questions yesterday. Your support is excellent, and fast too!

Lucas is very thorough, efficient and helpful, he’s doing a great job! and worked for my issues.
Best Wishes.

Great team , Eyvonne is great. Real fast response to Tech Support Issues.
Thank you.

Lucas Ciesielski has been working with me setting up my site. I needed to change my domain name, but didn't have a clue on how to do it. He talked me through it and helped me in a manner that I'm sure was beyond what he was required to do. I'm impressed!!
Thank you.

I have sent several support tickets in the past few weeks. Derek, Saurabh, Warren, Kris and Lucas have responded promptly and their help has been very valuable. I know very little code or css and I am still learning Joomla. Without their help I would be lost.
Please compliment them for me.

I had a problem after signing up for a demo account. Notified support. Derek got back to me and resolved the problem quickly – good support – unlike some….
Thank you.

In an age of rapid technology, in which you are at the forefront, it is easy to forget that people are at the core of webbed businesses.
We are a new company whose numbers are not huge yet, but the exponential growth we are experiencing is an indicator that we are on the right track. The product you offer is amazing, but it is knowledge of that product that wields its power. Few of us, as business owners, possess the knowledge to design with Joomla! So, we turn to support. I have gotten to "know" some of your tech support people via tickets etc… Some are more, shall we say, "giving" than others. When a business owner has his site down for days, does not receive a response for days and that response is along the lines of "sorry, we can't help you, you need to pay" it tends to be discouraging. I am not against paying for a service, of course. I called in today to your sales line on a Saturday to schedule a paid session because frankly, I was so frustrated I was either going to pay for help, or you were going to lose a customer. Enter Eyvonne.
Eyvonne went so far above and beyond any plausible definition of "customer service" that she created a standard that I have not yet seen even in the realm of paid support anywhere. Her knowledge was equaled, if not surpassed, only by her courtesy and willingness to help. I have managed up to 400 employees and have a keen understanding of what it takes to satisfy and retain a customer. I implore you to not take precious Eyvonne, for granted. In fact, I would strongly encourage you to raise her pay grade and give her some time off. I am astounded at how quickly she solved my issues!
Forbes lists money as the #6 employee motivator, being appreciated, is #1.
I am certain that as in any business, people want to often call a "complaints" department, well, you should offer a "praise" department as well. If you did, I would wager that your lines would be crashed by people calling to extol the virtues of Eyvonne.
You have my permission to reprint this as a testimonial, should you require it.
Your happy and extremely satisfied client.

I sincerely appreciate the fast and accurate response to my issue...

I have been running into some consistant problems with syncing phpsql dbases but the good news is that your services team has been very helpful to me. They have been polite, fast, professional and I am proud to be associated with all of you at the Cloudaccess Team.
Special mention to Lucas & Warren a couple of nights ago (I was a little frustrated at the time and it did not rattle them at all), Mariah the other day was super helpful and last but certainly not least Mike W. has been a consistant pleasure to work with. Gary and Charlie thanks for the great opportunity and the excellent team you have assembled, a shout out to you!

I had a problem with being able to access my demo site. I wrote to Lucas Ciesielski and the problem was resolved in a matter of MINUTES. That was much faster that I expected. Thank you and please commend Mr. Ciesielski.
Thank you.

Thank you for the upadate. I had an issue with uploading a new logo to my site last night which turned out to be a browser cache issue but I was really impressed with the quick response time I got.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at Cloud Access for doing such a wonderful job with providing outstanding customer service and technical support. This hasn't been the only time I called on your team for help and you guys have seem to impress me everytime. Please pass this message along to your peers and keep up the excellent work. You are greatly appreciated!

Derek, in the support area of you company has not only saved me from the frustrations of a newbie to website building but may have saved a company. Our original webmaster decided to close shop and restart a new business and left all his customers to figure out what they will do. Because we are rebuilding a company that was neglected for 2 years, our company is very vulnerable until we re-establish it. Joomla is perfect for our company’s new business model of memberships for insurance claims professionals and the service providers to the claims industry.
Derek…..Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You Very Much)

Recently I had an issue with Joomla Back Up and back up support dept. made a great job, but Taz specially, he gaves me a VIP attention, and is curious because I have a Mini Plan so is not a normal treatment. Otherwise Taz did it so well and the awesome thing is that he was nice, objective and a human being.
I wrote him that is so great to find a human in front a computer and not a computer in front a human, in this e-bussiness the human sense is a great value that is lost on any single deal that we do every day and if you can combine e-fficently with humanity you get it all... And he gets it! I offered him a great 5 (or higher) in C-Sat because he deserves it. I'm bussiness coacher and my goal is make people live laughing to make better lifes and better bussiness...
Thank you for your time! I don't know what to say other than I am impressed!! No one ever listens to me. Tell everyone involved THANK YOU !! for making the changes I discussed with you in the Client Area. I am telling you, I can't get out of there. I can even look up invoices now too. Again, I am totally impressed. I told you something that would make my life as a re-seller easier, and you got it handled. Again, Impressed is all I can say!! I am literally in the back end of this as much as I am in sites and this is going to make life so much easier. Again, tell everyone THANK YOU !!!
Gotta go....I'm going to go play around in there some more. I'm like a kid with a new toy. Now, I too can look professional and get to the site quickly without having to hunt for it. Now for the next item....multiple login capabilities from the same IP address so I can have info@, rob@ and completed@ open at the same time.......am I getting lazy or what? It would be cool though.... Thanks....again, You Da Man !! I don't know how you did it....but you really came through on this one. I'm going to dream about this crap all night now!!

Today your supporter Lucas Ciesielski answered me promptly, and took care of all my questions.
This is one the reasons I like being hosted at CloudAccess.net (I just wish the server I’m on was more stable).

Thanks again for your amazing help this past weekend. The Communications Director for Music For All sent me a personal note on Sunday saying how pleased she was that the site stayed up through their busiest time on Saturday. In fact, she said it was the first time it had NOT crashed for the big event. Big win for everybody.

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate Derek and all the support he has provided me.
Thanks. Your staff and service has been great so far, and as a new customer, it has far surpassed my expectations. Keep up the great work.

I submitted a ticket for domain name change and you guys took care of it for me. Thank you so much for all of your help, Gary! I am so glad that I went with cloudaccess, the technical support I have received from you and others has been amazing! Thank you also for the suggestion to use the cloudbase template, it really worked out for me. This is the first website I have created on my own (I have only had experience with editing content) and I couldn't have done it without you!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for all of your help with getting my clients website off the ground. The process was amazing and they love their new site.
I will definitely be in touch and let you know if I have any more work to send your way. Thanks again, take care!

I want to say that I've got the faster service ever in my life! I asked to migrate my joomla site to your hosting and it was done in less than 15 minutes!!! Derek Snieg was the engineer who answered my ticket. I had another hosting but I have changed my two web pages to Cloudaccess and and I am so happy I did it, in the other one it took centuries to answer anything. I've bought a third domain with this other company but definitely I will have you host that one too.
Two thumbs up!!!
Thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that I only began my Joomla account yesterday and I am already impressed with the customer service. I made a mistake on a form, and I received a phone call and an e-mail regarding the problem and the solution.
Irfan was the support specialist that helped us, and he was great! You have a great team! Thanks for the fast help!
All the best,

I am writing this email to let you know about the exceptional service I have received from Ms. Aza Davis. She has gone above and beyond to go out of her way to provide me with excellent customer service even though that is not her primary function. She consistently works with me to this day to ensure that I am up to speed with everything and I am constantly learning. Aza is the reason I decided to start my membership with CloudAccess. The customer service was OUTSTANDING and she has been the anchor to my 100% satisfaction that this company has provided. I wanted to applaud CloudAccess for a great hire.

Just wanted to pass on that I am really happy with Joomla, Cloudaccess and the support. Responses are quick and helpful.
Thanks all.

I'm incredibly grateful for the monumental amount of knowledge you've taken the time to share this evening. I am compeltely inspired, and can't wait for to keep developing! I'm only 26 and don't do this full time, by any means, but with the power of joomla, I'm feeling very inspired. I've already convinced two mentors to swtich their sites over to your platform. I can't wait to keep learning more and really sink into this. I'll be back to more webinars in the future, after I've had time to digest all this! Thank you agian so much. You are both so knowledgable, pleasant to listen to, and great educators!
I am writing this email in appreciation of the incredible support and guidance I have received from your staff. I am compelled to specifically mention Jen Berigan who is such a valuable asset to your support team and has helped me on numerous occasions. No matter how confused I am with a particular issue, Jen is always patient with me and navigates to every solution with ease. She maintains a high level of professionalism and gives the customer a sense that she really loves what she is doing for your organization.
Once again I appreciate all of your help and I will be recommending your services to clients and colleagues.

Just taking a moment to write and tell you how pleased I am with your service. I have been in the computer industry for 30 years and I have to say that in my experience, your team is exceptional. I find Lucas to be detailed and efficient in getting me the assistance I need.
Thank you.

I am THRILLED that I moved my website to CloudAccess.net. I found you when I came across your Joomla! YouTube video series. WOW! A web hosting company totally devoted to Joomla! So, this past Friday, I became a customer and on Saturday, I asked for my site to be migrated. I had been told--by Charlie, I believe--that my email would remain with my then-current host and that only my website would be migrated. Terrific!
I really liked the way Charlie took a cautionary tone in terms of migrating my site only and leaving my email in tact. Then on Sunday, I found that my email went down. OMG! I became exceedingly livid which I expressed in writing on the migration support ticket.
Before I knew it, Eyvonne Myers was calling me, and her manner and tone immediately put me at ease and inside a very comfortable zone that let me relax and feel confident that 1) she understood my frustration and 2) would immediately focus her expertise on solving the issue.
Come to find out, although Host Gator purchased my domain name, they were just a broker for Enom. Eyvonne was exceedingly patient with me and my situation. She figured out what information we needed to get and was the epitome of calm, gentle confidence. I needed this. I needed this for the immediate situation to be resolved. I needed it so that I would return to feeling great about having found you guys. I needed this because I have a client that I intend to sign up with you.
Eyvonne was FABULOUS! She walked me through what needed to be done, got on a call -- at least twice -- with Host Gator and me. She kept in touch with me keeping me up-to-date. OMG! Thisi s truly world class service worthy of Joomla!, the world class cms.
At the end of what ended up being a six hour time lag from her first conversation with me to our last, she had set me up on Google Apps for my email and she has kicked off the process for migrating my domain to CloudAccess.net as well. Now, everything will be in ONE place--with the world class cms AND world class customer service.
What a tremendous pleasure it was to go from coming unglued to being relaxed, calm, confident, and beaming with joy for being treated with enormous respect and compassion AND getting world class service. I am certain that you know full well that rare is the company that understands Joomla like you do. (There is one in Washington, D.C., who does the congressional websites. I used to be a communications director for a congressman and it was through that company that I became an expert on Joomla! as an end user.)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I want to thank you and your entire team at CloudAccess.net for providing me with a fantastic website. You took this project on and made it your own and provided many excellent recommendations for which I am grateful. I also wanted simplicity and “high touch” to be the hallmark of this site, and you came through with the perfect product.
I will be looking to continue working with your team in the future as I need additional functionality.
Thanks again for this wonderful product.
Warm regards.

Nothing less than excellence is clearly the mantra for Cloud Access. Throughout our project period, the expertise and professionalism consistently demonstrated by Cloud Access staff members were first rate. Complex technical tasks were executed in a timely manner, and troubleshooting was highly creative and effective. Also noteworthy, it was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with such a supportive staff committed to exceeding our expectations. Project leader Jonathan Gafill truly values the client's vision and extensively communicates with patience and thoughtfulness. To partner with Cloud Access to tackle a project of any scope is to partner with highly skilled professionals who are completely invested in your success.