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Fully Integrated CDN provides an integrated CDN (Content Distribution Network) for all paid websites on our network. This is made possible through a partnership with CloudFlare, a leading CDN provider that operates over 100 points of presence around the world.



A great way for smaller websites to leverage the power of a CDN.

  • Global CDN
  • 3 Page Caching Rules
  • Limited DDOS Protection

Great for business and professional websites that can benefit from extra speed and security.

  • Global CDN
  • Enhanced Security Tools
  • 20 Page Caching Rules
  • Build-in Image Optimization
  • Built-in Mobile Optimization

Useful for businesses requiring advanced security and performance, PCI compliance and more.

  • Global CDN
  • Advanced DDOS Protection
  • Advanced Security Tools
  • PCI Compliance Tools
  • 50 Page Caching Rules