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Bolt-DNS is a worldwide DNS service built into the CloudAccess.net platform and distributed to any domain name purchased through us. Bolt-DNS is ready-to-go DNS platform built for speed offered free of charge to any CloudAccess.net client. If you own a domain name you should be using Bolt-DNS. Improve the speed, SEO and security of your website and experience the fastest supported DNS network available.

Getting the Bolt-DNS Service

If you own a domain name we recommend using Bolt-DNS. We encouraged you to use one of the following options below. Each require a domain name and DNS services.

  1. Purchase any CloudAccess.net Hosting and Support Plan and point your domain name to our Bolt-DNS nameservers if it is registered elsewhere.
  2. Register a domain name with CloudAccess.net.

Bolt-DNS Name Servers



Why Bolt-DNS is Fast

Bolt-DNS is built for hosting cloud-based applications. Bolt-DNS uses a proven technology called Anycasting. Anycasting is a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) that makes sure you always talk to the nearest Bolt-DNS server. Our Bolt-DNS servers are located in data centers all over the world and close to your home. When a customer types in your web address from their home workplace, that customer will reach our nearest Bolt-DNS point of presence - the nearest data center to your home. In effect, this makes any application hosted with CloudAccess.net faster. Additionally, CloudAccess.net manages thousands of domains and owns its own IP addresses. We have special relationships with remote data centers that route our IP addresses. These remote data centers work at the BGP level and accept our Anycasting DNS Network. We route DNS faster and better than any other DNS provider online. Each Bolt-DNS network is specially built to serve DNS.


Why should I try Bolt-DNS?

  • Speed up your server, application, Joomla! CMS, or anything else that you can put on our network.
  • Improve your security.
  • Get the results you expect with absolutely no redirection.
  • We’ll help you resolve any DNS issue.

I have a registered domain name at a different hosting company/domain registrar. Can I use Bolt-DNS?

Yes, you can use Bolt-DNS but you must be using one of our hosting products and you must point your domain name at our name servers.

Will Bolt-DNS improve my Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes, Google and other search engines require that your site meets speed guidelines, along with other guidelines, before placing your site at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). By using the Bolt-DNS network you will instantly eliminate any possibility that your site will not be listed on a SERP because of DNS issues.

Why do you call your service “Bolt-DNS”?

This product has been inspired by Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist and 5 time World Champion. Much like Mr. Bolt, we've worked hard to ensure that our DNS network is the fastest in the entire world.

Is support included?

Yes, we provide a managed and supported DNS service. All of our support engineers can help you with your Bolt-DNS network, and you can submit a ticket online and call our support center to get help. You can chose to manage your own DNS by logging into your CloudAccess.net control panel and editing your settings, but most of our clients sit back and relax by using our proven network.

Can I purchase a domain name from CloudAccess.net and point the domain at a website hosted at a different hosting company?

Yes, if your domain name stays registered with CloudAccess.net, you will always be able to take advantage of our Bolt-DNS network.

My domain name is with another registrar and my site is hosted with another hosting company. Can I use Bolt-DNS?

No, Bolt-DNS is reserved for anyone who has purchased a solution through CloudAccess.net Bolt-DNS is included with every CloudAccess.net service.

I own a data center. How can I become part of the BOLT-DNS network?

We accept up to 250 DNS providers in the Bolt-DNS network. You must allow us to announce our ASN and accept our DNS Anycasting network. We have special hardware requirements. Data Centers that serve a BOLT-DNS server will be provided a DNS server in return. CloudAccess.net can offer SAN SSD based DNS nodes as a trade for similar equipment. Contact our NOC to find out how you can become part of the BOLT-DNS network. You must be connected to at least one Tier 1 network to be accepted.