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CloudAccess.net Platform Security Overview

Our managed hosting service is widely considered to be more secure than the many alternatives. The content below explains the fundamental security of our platform. If you’d like to get more details, feel free to contact us.

Dedicated Hosting vs. CloudAccess.net Platform


A dedicated hosting environment is only as secure as the team who maintains it. The CloudAccess.net Platform is continually managed by specialized security experts who understand the security requirements of both the server and application. Ensuring the security of a dedicated box requires a specialized team, and unless a provider has a team in place, dedicated hosting is much less viable.


CloudAccess.net simultaneously utilizes CloudLinux and CageFS technologies. This results in a full time isolation of tenants that surpasses traditional shared hosting environments. Our platform is comparable to a series of small VPSs that share underlying software. One tenant is unable to reach outside of their “cage” to another tenant’s site. 


Each tenant is provided a capped allotment of resources. Although capped, clients can chose to scale these resources up and down depending on the individual needs of an application. Each application is strictly bound to their allotted threads, RSS size, virtual memory size, I/O throughput and number of simultaneous processes.

CloudAccess.net Platform FAQ

Can one tenant gain access to or modify another tenant?

No. Using CloudLinux and CageFS technologies, “cages” are placed in between tenants eliminating the possibility of one tenant gaining access to anything outside of their account. This provides file access separation for each tenant; users see their own, customized file structure that is similar to fully functioning Linux OS.

Is the performance of my site affected by other tenants?

No. Based upon the resources allocated to a particular hosting space, restrictions are placed on that space ensuring that there is no way for one tenant’s site to affect the performance of another. We give limited resources to each user. These resources include the number of CPU cores (threads), percentage of CPU time, a limit on physical memory (RSS size), a limit on virtual memory (virt. size), a limit on Input/Output throughput, and a limit on the number of running processes.

Is a CloudAccess.net hosting account more secure than a dedicated server?

Generally, yes. A dedicated server is typically provided as unmanaged box. The security of this box is largely dependent on the capabilities of the IT staff available to support the box. The CloudAccess.net Platform is continually monitored and managed by specialized security experts who understand the security requirements of both the server and application.

Does CloudAccess.net proactively protect against abuse?

We actively monitor servers for threats and abuse. Security measures are maintained with three firewalls. There is an initial firewall protecting the entire server gateway and a second local firewall on server itself and a third firewall between individual clients and the server.