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Cloud Control Panel™ (CCP) Tour

The Cloud Control Panel™ (CCP) is an innovative cloud application management tool enabling you to launch new applications, purchase domain names, submit support requests and manage each application hosted with CloudAccess.net. The CCP is a custom-built software at the heart of our platform and there isn't another control panel like in the hosting industry. The CCP offers a variety of features that you can learn about below. Watch the introductory video or take the detailed tour. Read the feature descriptions that link to detailed documentation and videos found in the "CCP Features" category of our knowledgebase.



CCP Features

Upgrading a Free Site

Upgrade a free site to a hosting & support package. We have a variety of hosting and support plans that meet all client needs. Learn more.

One Click Application Login

Get one click administration access to each application and never worry about remembering multiple usernames and passwords again.


Create & manage backups for the entire application. Restore your site from a backup or download it to your machine. Learn more.


Access or change your file transfer protocol (FTP), secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), or secure shell (SSH) login credentials. Learn more.

MySQL Database Access

Access your MySQL database tables remotely, edit records, create reports, troubleshoot issues and more. Learn more.

Server Information

View your domain name status, access your staging URL, view your IP addresses, view your disk space usage and more.

Application Information

Discover more about the application you're using including the version, the database prefix, your username and your password and more. 

Web Application Firewall

Lockdown your site files and database tables at the server level, leaving your application 100% hack proof. Learn more.

Error & Access Logs

Enable error and access logs for the application to add a higher level of security and user monitoring. Learn more.

Changing a Domain Name

Search for and purchase a custom domain name for your application. Create domain aliases and point multiple domains to one site. Learn more.

Requesting a Cancellation

Of course we'd like to keep you as a client, but you can cancel any service - any application or domain name - at any time. Learn more.

Transferring Service

Working with other account holders? Transfer any product - any application or domain name - to a different CloudAccess.net account holder. 

Replicating a Site

Replicate a site to a staging area for testing and development and easily migrate back to production. Learn more.

Resetting an Application

Reset any application back to a fresh installation of Joomla or WordPress. You can even reset to a different version of the application. Learn more.

Importing a Site

Easily import a Joomla or WordPress application and purchase a domain name or override an existing application.