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CloudAccess.net Network

CloudAccess.net was allocated it’s own IP Addresses from ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, and maintains a Backbone Network operating worldwide on the single AS54456 autonomous system number (ASN). CloudAccess.net owns and maintains all of its own network, servers and routing gear.

General Network Information

CloudAccess.net validates IP address ranges directly with ARIN.

ASN: AS 54456

Prefix Description CloudAccess.net,LLC CloudAccess.net, LLC CloudAccess.net, LLC CloudAccess.net, LLC

IPv6 Support

Cloudaccess.net has /32 IPv6 allocation from ARIN in the American region. Our backbone routers are all dual stacked with IPv6 and we are working on rolling out IPv6 on the edge of the network as well.

Allocated Range

We announce multiple IPv6 /48 prefixes from our BGP routers.

Peering Policy Information

CloudAccess.net maintains an open peering policy and does not require a signed peering agreement with any client. The company does, however, expect that its peers adhere to these straightforward policies:
Peers must maintain a 24x7x365 NOC which can be contacted either by phone or email. The given NOC must have a clear escalation path to identify and resolve network problems and DoS attacks sourcing from their network.
There is no minimum traffic ratio required, but peers must maintain ample capacity to ensure no latency is incurred due to link saturation.
Peers must not configure a default route, a static route or other means to send traffic to CloudAccess.net for a route that is not advertised by CloudAccess.net at that interconnection point.
CloudAccess.net reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend any or all peering within any network without prior notice if that peer is causing operational damage to the inbound/outbound traffic of Cloudaccess.net.
To peer with us, simply send request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your ASN.

AnyCast Network

CloudAccess.net operates and runs a series of nodes (connection points) throughout the world as part of an Anycast Network. The Anycast Network is a routing method that directs a single sender to a the nearest topographical node to retrieve data. Our aim is to create the fastest DNS servers in the world, and in order to accomplish this we've set up the Anycast Network much like Amazon Route 58 DNS, Open DNS, and Google DNS. Similar to these large organizations, CloudAcess.net has an Anycast Network backing each of our products. Enjoy the power and speed the CloudAccess.net Anycast Network. If you have special Anycasting needs or you would like to learn more, please contact our sales department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Why is Anycasting better?

Anycasting is better because the DNS is resolved closer to your home and brings data to you faster. Essentially, when you request something over the Internet, that request goes to a DNS server which can be located anywhere in the world. With Anycasting, the request goes to a server located closer to where you are and improves latency - the time it takes to send and receive data. It also provides redundancy against failures. What this means is that if any server crashes, the Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP) takes you to the next nearest node.

IP Allocation of Anycast Network

We use & coming from Anycast block announced from AS54456 at multiple locations worldwide.

Locations that broadcast the Anycast Network

PhoenixNap (Data Center)
3402 E. University Dr. 
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Root S.A (Data Center) 
35, rue John F. Kennedy
7327 Steinsel
Luxembourg, Germany

Detriot (Data Center)
24275 Northwestern Highway, Suite 101 
Southfield, MI, 48075 Address

DNS Servers

If CloudAccess.net is going to manage your DNS for you, you will have to contact your current domain registrar (the place where you purchased your domain) and face the settings for the nameservers so they point to CloudAccess.net. The nameservers that you’ll use for any part of our platform are:

ns1.gridfast.net -
ns2.gridfast.net -

How AS54456 is Connected to the World

We provide a powerful network for serving your application, and most other networks are only a few short hops away. We connect instantly to multiple tier 1 backbones with ample capacity for future growth. HE