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Backups & Recovery

We have multiple backup and recovery options built right into the CloudAccess.net Platform. This provides peace of mind that your data remains safe and available to you when you need it.

Daily Automated Block Level Backups

All applications hosted with any of our service-level agreements receive an automated daily block-level backup that is stored remotely. A block-level backup includes a full archive of the database and file structure for an application. Backups are retained for 14 days and we can restore any application upon request.

Manual Backup Options

A complete backup of an application (database and file structure) can be taken manually by any client within the Cloud Control Panel™(CCP). We enable clients to create, download and restore their own backups with ease. The backup can remain within the CCP or it can be downloaded.

Onsite Restorations

A copy of your database can be automatically dropped every few minutes using common tools like Akeeba Backup. This process requires less than a minute to complete for a standard-size database. For example, imagine that a portion of the application is broken and the database requires a restoration. Site files can remain untouched as onsite database files are restored within minutes.

Offsite Restorations

An offsite backup can be restored to the same server or an alternate server. Restoration time varies, but can typically occur within one hour. For example, imagine that a catastrophic event takes place on the server where the site resides. Production data is no longer usable and an offsite backup is needed. In most cases, within one hour, we can have the site restored to a different server within one hour.

Site Replications & Staging Environments

It is sometimes necessary to have a testing environment to ensure that any changes you are making do not cause harm to your main site. We provide the tools to create and manage these staging areas easily.

Staging and Production Environments

Clients can create a separate copy of a production site for development purposes. This copy would be used as a testing area before making any updates to the production site. As an example, imagine that there is an application update available, but you have a question about whether or not it will cause conflicts with 3rd party extensions or templates. Performing the updates in the staging environment first ensures that there are no adverse effects outside of your control. There are many other practical uses of this feature.

Application Replication

The Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) includes a replication tool that allows the user to automatically copy a staging site on top of their production site or vice versa. This tool instantly creates an archive of the live file structure and database, moves the archives across the network, extracts them and overwrites an existing application, all with the click of a mouse. As an example, imagine that you’ve been testing new functionality on a staging site and that functionality needs to be copied over to a production site. This can be done with just a few simple steps.