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CloudAccess.net API

Harness the power of the CloudAccess.net platform directly from your own site. Our revolutionary API enables your site visitors to instantly deploy free versions of an application with your software pre-installed, preconfigured, and ready-to-go.

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Instant Trials of Your Software

You’ll have full control of the application because you can upload your own customized package including your templates and extensions. By placing a module on your site, your site visitors can instantly deploy the package, removing the need for them install and configure your extensions on their own.

Offer Public & Private Packages

You have the ability to offer public packages with the free version of your software and private datasets for your paying customers.

Control the User Experience

Our CloudAccess.net API allows you to completely customize the module and welcome messages sent to your signups. 

Earn Recurring Affiliate Commission

The best part about using our API is that you can create a recurring monthly revenue stream. When you’re a CloudAccess.net Affiliate and you activate your API, our system tracks all sites launched through your account. You’ll earn 30% of the revenue generated from any client that upgrades to one of our paid hosting packages.

To get started

Log into your Cloud Control Panel and navigate to "Affiliate System > API" and then click on the "Activate API".