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Search Engine Optimization: Mobile Devices

Major search engines have completely separate mobile crawlers that scan your Joomla Instance. You may have seen Googlebot-mobile in your log files. This bot actually scans your Joomla Instance using a different user-agent.

Page Size and Load Time

The reduced connection speed and device performance on mobile devices VS computers is an important factor to consider. The results that are listed in mobile search engines will tend to show higher performing websites towards to the top. Reducing the page load time may involve switching to a faster hosting provider such as CloudAccess.net. It can also include reducing the image size on your Joomla Instance, and making sure your HTML is written cleanly with limited inline styling.

Site Usability

Mobile usability is taken into account in the mobile search engine rankings. Earlier in this article we mentioned user-agents. This means search engines will scan your site pretending to be different devices.

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