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Search Engine Optimization: Content Writing

Your content is one of the main aspects that major search engines consider when determining your Joomla Instance's relevance for a particular keyword. In order to run a successful SEO campaign, write effectively and proficiently. 

Reading Levels

Believe it or not, the algorithms that search engines use actually rate your content depending on your sentence structure and how many big words you use. This can be compared to different reading levels in grade school.

Keyword Density

There are magical formulas that people come up with to determine how many times you should include your target keywords in a Joomla article. Ultimately, we recommend to write your Joomla articles naturally, which of course includes relevant keywords you are targeting. 

Joomla URL Structure

When constructing the structure of your Joomla Instance, keep in mind that your menu/category/article structure automatically creates your URL structure. Here is an example of a typical Joomla URL:


The fact that you can change/modify the alias for menu items and articles means you can be a bit more focused on your target keywords. We recommend removing words like “the”, which simply lower keyword density in your URL and dilutes your target keywords.

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