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Search Engine Optimization: Images

Image optimization is a form of On-Page SEO. As with all SEO, it is important to be as descriptive and accurate as possible.

Alt Tags

When adding an image to an article, you will have the option to add an “ALT” tag. This stands for alternate, which should be a brief description of the image. Of course, hopefully your image description in the ALT tag contains your page's target keywords. This text is also displayed if someone hovers their mouse over the image, or if the images are not able to be displayed because of your visitor's browser settings.

File Name

The creation of SEO-friendly images actually starts with the creation of the image. Most cameras will give a generic name like img342.jpg. If you plan to upload the image to your website, give it a more descriptive name.

Image Size

Your Joomla Instance's page size is a factor when determining where you rank on search engines. It is a good idea to reduce the size and quality of your images to the point where they are the exact size that is presented on the site. If the image is not as prominant on the page, you may decide to reduce the quality of the image, which can be done in graphic programs.

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