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Error: Controlleradmin DNS added to URL

If you have a Contact Us page, the URL will appear something like Once in a while, the URL may appear differently: While it is not something that may impair the functionality of your site, it will impair the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ratings for the article and/or site.

Thankfully, there is an easy fix for this issue. First, go to Menus and select the name of your menu where the problem is occurring.

controladmin 1

Next, select the "Rebuild" option from the toolbar.

controleradmin 2

This will re-adjust all menu links, making them look and function as they should. Once you get the blue message declaring that "Menu items list successfully rebuilt", you are good to go.

controleradmin 3

Please remember that you may need to clear your cache and refresh the site before it will start working properly.

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