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Registering for a CloudAccess.net Account

Registering for an account with CloudAccess.net is easy, and after following just a few steps you'll be able to launch a demo Joomla or WordPress Instance, purchase a domain name, or purchase a hosting and support plan. First, please go to our Registration Page by selecting the "Register" button at the top of our homepage.


First, you will need to select what services you'd like to have with us - since it will be most probably free hosting to begin with, we will build this tutorial around that assumption.


After that you will be asked which CMS would you like to use - Joomla or WordPress



After you've chosen your CMS, you will need to choose your domain name - the address which will be used to access your website. For free sites, you will have to choose a free subdomain - you will need a paid plan to use a Top Level Domain name like something.com.


Once you've chosen the domain name, you will need to choose the version of the CMS you want to have and its preinstalled dataset. We always strive to provide you with the latest versions of Joomla and WordPress. Datasets are basically preinstalled content - they will either give you a default, out-of-the-box installation or a website prepopulated with content so that you already have some modules/widgets on the site to move around to use as a stepping stone.


Next is the checkout page, on which you can confirm if you've inputed the correct data so far and apply a promotional code if you have one.


Once you check out, you will need to input your profile information and desired payment method - you will be able to change them later as needed as per this tutorial. In this screenshot we are ordering a free site, so the payment method is automatically set to Free Order, but with a paid account you will have the option to pay by Credit Card or PayPal and will be asked to input the payment details as well. You also have the option to join our mailing list, which is not mandatory, and agree to our Terms of Service and DataPrivacy/Handling Policy, which are mandatory.
Notice the "I work with a developer" option - if you are the owner of the account but somebody else will be building your website, you can input their e-mail address in that field, which will automatically create a subaccount for them to access the site - you will be able to later adjust that subaccount and its permissions here.


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