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Resetting an Application

When users launch a demo trial site, many times they'll use the 30 day period to learn, test and develop. At the end of the demo trial, many launch a new site, but we also get a lot of requests to reset the application back to a fresh installation of either Joomla or WordPress. Because we got so many requests for this, we created the "Reset App" feature so clients can perform this function on their own. This article explains how to use the "Reset App" feature within the Cloud Control Panel™(CCP).

After logging into the CCP, select the website you'd like to work with using the drop down a the top of the page. Once inside the management area for that individual site, click on the "Application" tab. Then go to “Toolkit”


In the Application area, you can find different pieces of information about the current application that's being used for the site. Locate the "Restore to Default" option. You can reset the application to the current version, or select a different version. Once you select the version you'd like to reset to, click on the "Reset" button.


Please note that by doing this, you are erasing all your application's data. It will be rest to its original state allowing you to start working on a fresh unmodified site. Before the site is recreated, a small window will open asking you to approve the changes.


While the site is resetting, you'll receive a notification about the status of the application. Resetting a site may take some time. Please don't leave the page until it's complete.


When the site has been reset successfully, you will receive notification that it's ready to go.

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