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Managing DNS Records

If your Joomla or WordPress site is managed by our DNS records (meaning the name servers are pointed to ns1.gridfast.net and ns2.gridfast.net), you are able to manage your DNS records on your own. This article explains how to access and manage your DNS records, but please be warned that changing your DNS records can affect the way your site is hosted and if you make a mistake your site may become unavailable. If you have any questions about your DNS, you can always submit a support ticket to get help.

First, log into your CloudAccess.net Cloud Control Panel™(CCP), and click on the "Domains" tab and click on the "Manage" button for the domain that you'd like to work with.  


In the next window, select "Bolt DNS".


In the next window you manage your domain records, add a new record, add Google Apps or delete Google Apps for the domain chosen. WARNING: Be extremely cautious while deleting or editing DNS records. If you delete or mess up editing one record, some functions of your site will be inoperative.

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