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Whether you’re a versed veteran or new to Joomla, there is an event this week that is sure to provide you with some great information. Joomla! 3 Day is like an online JoomlaDay of sorts, and with a series of 20 sessions across two days, there is definitely something for everyone. We’re excited to be an organizer of the event and even more excited to lead a session introducing our Demo API component, a new platform feature that allows your site visitors to launch custom Joomla applications from your website.


About the Event

With expert Joomla presenters from all over the world, Joomla 3 will be covered from all angles. Each presentation will be approximately 30 - 40 minutes with time for questions and answers.

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All presentations will be held in EDT (New York City), so be sure to convert EDT to your timezone. The event is being organized by OSTraining founder Steve Burge to promote Joomla! 3 Explained, a new edition of one of the most popular Joomla books available. As soon as Steve announced the idea for the event, jumped on board as an organizer, and we’re also presenting on Friday at 10:00 a.m. Read more about our session below.

About the Joomla Demo API

demo-api-logoThe Demo API allows your site visitors to launch Joomla applications directly from your website. This groundbreaking new platform feature is both powerful and easy-to-use.

You can upload a customized Joomla application (complete with your templates or extensions) to the Cloud Control Panel™(CCP). Once the Demo API component is installed in your site, your clients will have the ability to launch a custom or core application in the form of a demo trial, hosted by us for free.

We’re putting the power of our platform directly in your hands. We track every application launched from your site, and if any of your clients upgrade their demo trial to one of our hosting plans, we’ll share a recurring revenue stream with you.

The Demo API offers you an easy way to provide more services, attract new clients and create additional revenue. We’re still in beta testing, but we’ll be able to give everyone who attends a glimpse about what we’ll be releasing soon.

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Introducing the API
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