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American Heart Month Summary


As many of you are probably aware, February is American Heart month. Some of you may wonder, “What do I do to celebrate or participate in American Heart Month?” The answer is pretty simple, Spread Awareness! American heart month is a good time to remind everyone that we are not invincible and can put our hearts at risk for diseases and complications by falling behind on a healthy lifestyle. Here at, we have been posting reminders of hard facts on heart diseases and small things you can do to help avoid future problems each week during February. And to go a little further here is a recap of our statistics and more information that we hope everyone shares with their loved ones so that we can continue to have Healthy Hearts.

Heart Disease is the leading cause of deaths for both men and women in America; this is an unfortunate truth! According to the Centers For Disease Control, about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack each year. Also almost half (47%) of cardiac deaths occur outside of a hospital or medical facility. This could suggest that many people with heart disease are not acting on early warning signs or are not aware of them. So what can we do to change this?

Simple exercises such as taking a 30-minute walk a couple times a week can go a long way. If 30 minutes is too much for you to start you can always try 15 minute walks 3 times a week and then add more time to your walks as you go. Take a friend with you and have some good laughs, positive energy is always a bonus! Be sure to fit healthy foods in your meal and snack options such as fruits and vegetables. Cutting out as much processed foods from your diet as possible can be life changing in itself. Last but not least, regular visits to your doctor are very important. They can help determine early on if you are at risks and can provide the needed steps to lower those risks to avoid future complications.

Know the symptoms and what to look for before it’s too late, not only for yourself but for the ones around you as well.

Chest Pain
Shortness of breath
Palpitations (irregular heart beats)
A faster heartbeat
Weakness or dizziness

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it’s best to get a checkup from your doctor, but always remember if the issue is severe and you have a medical emergency, call 911 and get help immediately! We hope that everyone has a strong and healthy heart and we’d love to hear from those around us. Comment on our blog and tell us some of the best ways that you’ve found to keep your heart healthy.

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