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CloudBase 3 - Demo, Download & Install

The CloudBase 3 template developed by is a versitale and flexible template built upon the Gantry Framework. This article offers a demo of the CloudBase 3, a download link and explains how to install a template and change default templates if you're new to Joomla.

Downloading the CloudBase 3 Template

Installing the CloudBase 3 Template

Changing Default Templates

Downloading the CloudBase 3 Template

The CloudBase 3 is a great template to learn from as you first develop a Joomla site. Its ease-of-use helps beginners get started and its feature-rich functionality exceeds the core templates that come with Joomla 3.

Important: If you are updating Joomla 3, the Gantry Framework must be updated to the latest version first. To check is your template running the latest framework, go to Extensions-> Template Manager -> Cloudbase3 (Gantry Version box on the right. If it's red, please click the download link within the box to perform the update). Cloudbase 3 supports only modern browsers, which means there is no support for IE7/IE8.


Installing the CloudBase 3 Template

After downloading the template, log into the back end of your site, and open the Extension Manager.

In the Upload Package File area, choose the file from your computer. Once the name of the file appears in the field, click on the Upload & Install button.


You will receive a green message letting you know that the installation was successful.

Changing Default Templates

To change default templates and active the CloudBase 3 as the current template for your Joomla site, open your Template Manager. You'll see a list of all the templates available for your site. Some are for the Site, or the front end of your site and some are for the Administrator, or back end of your site. To make the CloudBase 3 template the active or default template for the front end of your site, click on the star symbol in the default column. You'll receive a green message letting you know that you successfully changed styles. 


Now, return to the front end of your site to see the CloudBase 3 template active.


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