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CloudBase 3 Bug Reporting & Feature Requests

CloudBase 3 is a free Joomla template created by CloudAccess.net. Important: Before reporting any bugs, please ensure that you are using the latest release of the template. The bug you are experiencing may have already been fixed. 

Already a paying CloudAccess.net Client?

If you would like to report a bug, simply submit a support ticket in your Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) and our team will investigate and provide a patch if necessary. 


If you aren't a CloudAccess.net client, we'd like to take this opportunity to tell you about our fantasic services. We provide a complete hosting and support platform. You can launch a free websites or we'll migrate exisiting sites into our platform free of charge. Use the free hosting option or select from a number of hosting & support plans to stay within budget. You can always upgrade to get more site resources, more support from our team and more application management features. To report a bug for CloudBase 3, simply fill out this bug-reporting form and then check for an updated version within 7 days. 

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