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CloudBase 3 Custom CSS Styles

The CloudBase 3 template has been built from the ground up to provide a high level of flexibility through a point and click interface. If a specific modification is required that is not available within the configurable options in the template settitngs, a custom CSS change may be necessary. 

IMPORTANT: Directly modifying the CSS within CloudBase 3 is for developers and advanced Joomla users. CloudAccess.net does not provide support or troubleshooting for CSS modifications. 

When creating custom CSS styles, it is important to use the proper workflow to ensure that your modifications are not overwritten by future template or framework updates. To add a custom stylesheet to the CloudBase 3 template, access the site via FTP. Once you've accessed the site via FTP, create a new CSS file at:


The new custom CSS file will automatically get loaded by the Gantry Framework. Learn more about adding a custom style sheet using the Gantry Framework

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