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Aligning Module Content Left & Right

By default in the CloudBase 3 template, content in modules is aligned left as illustrated in the Latest News module below.


To get the content to align left, open the module in the Module Manager, click on the Advanced tab and insert "pull-right" in the Module Class Suffix field. Be sure to save your work.


You can also insert "pull-left" as a Module Class Suffix. 

Important: If the class inserted in Module Class Suffix field doesn't take the effect, please add a space before its name.

Alternatively, you can also play with the alignment of content using the Layouts feature in the CloudBase 3 template. For example, in the image below, we have two modules: one logo module in the Header-A position and a search module in the Header-B position. 


By going to the Template Manager in the administration area, opening the CloudBase 3 template, and clicking on the Layouts tab, we can adjust the dimension ratio of the Header positions. Be sure to save your work. 


Return to the front of the page to see the changes.


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