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Login Modules (Joomla 3)

Many Joomla users are traditional consumers of the content management system. They access the administration area (the back end) of their site to create and edit categories, articles, menus, and modules. Did you know that you can also create a user account log in area on the front end of your site for creating and editing articles? If you have clients that visit your site, you can add them as a user so they can also log in to their user account on the front end to view account information, etc. This article explains how to create a Login Module for the front end of your site to increase the site’s overall functionality. To create a Login Module Type, log into the back end of your site and open the Module Manager.


Once inside the Module Manager, select the "New" button to create a new module.


Next, you’ll be prompted to select a module type. Select "Login".


Create a title for the module, select a module position, and use the "Menu Assignment" tab to select the pages where you'd like to display the module. Don't forget to save your work.


Now go the front end of your site, hit refresh, and you will be able to see the Login Module in the position you selected.


There are many uses of the Login Module. As the administrator, you can create and edit articles from the front end. You can also add contacts to your account to enable others to log in, edit and create articles, or view their account information.

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