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Contact Details

State: Queensland
Country: Australia
City: Wynnum
Primary Contact Name: Steve Barnes
Company Telephone Number: 61423311839
Company Primary Skype Contact: busigeeks

Company Description

Year Started in Business: 2008
Company Bio: Business Geeks is the brainchild of Steve Barnes, who comes from an IT and business improvement background. Steve has a talent for aligning business processes to strategy, and then designing process integration across applications. Corporate web sites or portals play a huge role in customer oriented processes, and Joomla has been Steve's CMS of choice since 2004. Business Geeks are keen enough on Joomla that we sponsored a Joomla 1.6 video featuring Head Engineer Andrew Eddie when Joomla 1.6 release was imminent. Business Geeks services Australia and New Zealand, with home base in Brisbane, Australia.
Description of Services: Make your business smarter, more efficient and more profitable! Business Process Improvement and automation. We are able to come to you and find the issues with your processes; the opportunities for improvement; the 'low hanging fruit' (easy wins) and we can perform 'Business Process Mapping' to clarify what you really want to achieve as a business and how. Given clarity of vision, it's then easier to use some wonderful facilities on the Internet to enable your business.
Vertical Markets: - not-for-profits - manufacturing - distributors - retailers
Solution Areas: Content Managed Web Sites/Portals using Joomla CMS 3.x, featuring responsive (adaptive) design for mobile and tablets: - requirements mentoring - business process mapping with CMS end-points highlighted - document manegment - e-commerce - and much more Corporate Identity - colors - logo/ logotype -
Services Offered:
  • Project Manager
  • Graphics Artist
  • Front End Developer


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