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CMigrator Webinar

CMigrateIf you've made the mistake of choosing the wrong CMS (WordPress or Drupal) in the past, don't worry, now you have the option to switch to Joomla with ease. With CMigrator from CompoJoom you can import your categories, posts, pages and users from WordPress or Drupal directly into Joomla/K2 with just few clicks. All of your content - categories, articles, and images - will end up exactly where they are supposed to be. You also have the ability to import data no matter how big your database. The webinar below illustrates how to install and configure CMigrator in Joomla, how to migrte from a WordPress site into Joomla, and how to migrate imgaes and remove incompatibe WordPress tags.

What You'll Learn ...

    • How to install and configure CMigrator in Joomla
    • How to migrate the data from your WordPress website into joomla
    • How to migrate images & remove incompatible WordPress tags
  • About the Presenter

    danielDaniel Dimitrov is the founder and lead developer of the CMigrator component and other CompoJoom components.