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EasySocial Webinar

es-logo-blackWith over 20 years of combined experience, the StackIdeas team brings you EasySocial, a social networking tool with a powerful profile layout for users and an easy-to-use dashboard for the backend. Promote interactivity by using group chats, attachments, or the photo album features. Simplicity in management and a feature rich social networking solution are going to make EasySocial the next great social networking tool for Joomla.

You'll Learn About ...

  • beautiful storyboard design
  • elegant activity stream
  • anywhere/anytime access
  • interactivity between users
  • customized user preferences
  • extensive privacy controls
  • power profile layout
  • group chat conversations
  • attachment enabled conversations
  • datarich photo albums
  • commenting and liking functions

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About the Presenter & StackIdeas

mark-lee-stackideasMark Lee sleeps, eats and breathes software programming. He has his hands in every Joomla extension produced by StackIdeas and his relentless in his effort to produce top-quality and easy-to-use Joomla extensions. He was the lead developer of JomSocial for some time but he took the plunge to start StackIdeas with a small team dedicated  in providing the best Joomla extensions like EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento. He and the StackIdeas Team aspire to be a household name when it comes to Joomla extensions. They produce universal solutions for both novice and professional Joomla users. Mark loves movies and good food when he is offline.

StackIdeas2StackIdeas is one of the best and brightest Joomla extension companies around. They have first class support, feature-rich, customizable integrations and continual enhancements and bug-fixes. They stand out for these reasons and many in the community have complimented their components and support.