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JoomlArt T3v3 Webinar


JoomlArt has created over 150 templates for various CMSs, but it is much more than a template club.  JoomlaArt is the creator of the open source T3 Framework which has revolutionized Joomla. Now in its 3rd generation, T3 framework features surpass any other available framework. It is the first framework to support iPhones, other handheld devices and RTL (right to left) languages. The T3 Framework allows users the ability to customize high quality websites with a lightweight and user-friendly framework. The T3 Framework is free for all to use, and many leading template clubs use T3 to build their templates. T3 Version 3 (T3V3) has been completely rebuilt in order to improve its speed and ease-of-use. Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to watch the recorded webinar below.

You'll Learn About ...

  • Back end features
  • Megamenu features
  • Layout Configuration
  • ThemeMagic
  • Template Override
  • Theme Customization
  • Bootstrap, Less and CSS

About the Presenter

The JoomlArt Team has been producing high quality templates since 2006. Made of up dozens of dedicated team members spread across the world we are familiar with all the major CMS’s. Innovative and creative while utilizing the newest technologies in order to bring the user the best possible experience. We seek to inspire and work together with the Joomla community in order improve Joomla!