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How to Reach your Mobile Audience in 2015

mobile-2015Internet users are spending more and more time engaged on mobile device than ever before. In fact, just this year global mobile use has exceeded desktop use for the first time ever. Mobile marketing isn't the future; it's the present. If you aren't already implementing a mobile marketing strategy, you're falling behind. Mobile marketing is a big deal and this webinar is designed to help you look into future in order to set goals for reaching your mobile audience. 

You'll Learn About ...

    • Mobile use growth rates
    • The influences on smartphone shopping purchases 
    • Identifying social accounts to interact with potential clients
    • Creating a mobile app
    • Optimizing your SEO plan
    • Creating a mobile email plan
    • Creating mobile adds
    • Responsive websites for mobile use
    • and much, much more!
  • About the Presenter

    ryanRyan Boog is the president of Happy Dog Web Productions. He is excited about taking Joomla, mobile design and SEO to the next level with Happy Dog. Ryan oversees everything at Happy Dog, but his personal strengths and skills include front-end development and Search Engine Optimization. Ryan is a proud husband and father and you can follow him personally on Twitter: @ryanboog. Follow Happy Dog @hdwebpros. Are you a fellow Google nut? Add Ryan to your circle.

    HDlogoSquareThe Happy Dog team creates top-ranking sites that thrive within search engine results.  Together they build you a highly responsive website platform, great for any device (mobile, tablet, or PC) and optimized for top-of-page results. This orchestrated effort always leads not only to fabulous-looking websites, but also to major leads, and eventually, profitable sales. With their specialization in Joomla, a reputable award-winning content management system, Happy Dog takes a unique approach to the web design industry using only the best available tools.  Find out more about their Joomla expertise, SEO strategies, and mobile development by visiting Happy Dog Web Productions today!