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Configuring the CloudAccess.net API

Once your API has been activated you will be able to access the API section of the Cloud Control Panel. If you have not already activated your API, follow these steps.

Accessing the API

Download and Install the Joomla Component

Install and Configure the Joomla Component

Setting up Datasets/Packages

Accessing your API

The API can be accessed by logging into the Cloud Control Panel. From the left side menu select "Affiliate System > CloudAccess API". Once within the API interface, you will notice four tabs across the page: 

API Details

The API Details tab provides the main configuration settings like the credentials used for connecting a site to the API. You will also find settings specific to how accounts are provisioned and what IP addresses are a available to provision from. 

Allowed Domains

Cloudaccess.net allows you and your clients to launch your demo packages using your own domain name. The sites will be launched as subdomains to the domain you allow to use. Please make sure the domains allowed for provisioning are pointed to Cloudaccess.net name servers which are:

• ns1.gridfast.net

• ns2.gridfast.net



The Statistics tab will provide an overview of the amount of sites that have launched from a particular custom package as well as the amount of calls the API has logged. 


The Datasets tab is where you will find a list of your existing datasets/custom packages. You can update these existing packages, or add new packages for provisioning from the API. 

Hit Limits

The Hit Limit tab displays the current limits on your account. CloudAccess.net platform will be scaled up to provide you higher limits upon request. 

Download the API Component

The API component is updated regularly, so we recommend getting the latest version from Github. Click here and select the "View Raw" to download the API component.

Install and Configure the Joomla Component


The CloudAccess.net API component installs like any other Joomla package. Once installed, you will see a component called "API" and a new module called "Create Site". Access the component and update the settings page to reflect what is listed in the Cloud Control Panel. You can also personalize the email messages in the component. 


The module installs automatically along with the component. Once you have entered the settings within the component, you can go to your Module Manager and you will see a module titled "Create Site". Set the module to display on the desired page and update it to contain the information required during signup. You will see a list of your custom packages within the module. 

Setting up Datasets/Packages

While logged into the Cloud Control Panel, select the "Datasets" tab in your API configuration page. You will see a link "Crekate New Package" that will allow you to specify which site you would like to provision from. You also have the option to give the package a title, description, version number and image. Once you have a package created, you will see it listed at the bottom of the page. The package will also display within the module on your site indicating that it is available for provisioning. 

If you have any questions on this process, or the capabilities of the CloudAccess.net API, simply submit a support ticket and our team will lend a hand. 

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