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How many domain names should I have?


Do I really need multiple domain names?! Yes, you do and here is why…

1. Protect/validate your identity

If you are spending a lot of time and money on your online brand/business, then you need to protect it.
The only way to keep other people from buying a domain name is buying it YOURSELF.

You might think… This could never happen to me!

Trust me, it has happened before and people will buy your domain to affect your business and trick your site’s visitors.

For example, your domain name is domain.net but because domain.com is so popular, people may automatically assume that your domain is domain.com and go there.

If you don’t own domain.com and someone bought it to affect your business, your site’s visitors would be redirected to a different site. This could be a competitor or something worse for your business, they could redirect to a malicious site or a porn site!

2. Spelling mistakes

People will make spelling mistakes typing your domain name, but be smart about it.
You can have unlimited combinations of wrong spelling to your domain name, but that doesn’t mean you should go buy them all and spend $1K+.

The best practice would be to ask clients, friends, strangers, etc, to spell your domain name and see how they spell it.

The most common ways of spelling it are the ones you should consider buying.

3. Any search engine benefits of having multiple domain names?

If your site is on a .com and you buy the .net and .org to forward them to your website, don’t expect this to get you any extra rankings. Search engines will not index nor rank domains that are forwarding to another domain.

If that is your only goal in purchasing multiple domain names, SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Are there other reasons to own multiple domain names?

Can you think of other reasons to own multiple domain names?
Comment below and share with us your reasons.

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