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GDPR - what does it mean?


The European Union has implemented a new law called the General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR for short - to help protect personal data of EU citizens. As a company that has many clients in the European Union, we have taken this very seriously and took steps to make sure that our service is GDPR compliant, which means many good things for our clients, not only from the EU but from all around the world.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a regulation that strictly controls the way personal data can be collected, stored and processed in order to make sure that all companies that need such data to provide their goods and/or services handle it with the utmost respect for the privacy of the individual that the specific data relates to.

When does it take effect?

The GDPR goes into effect and becomes enforceable on May 25th 2018.

Why does it matter and what does it mean to me?

Most of us have heard of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytics data scandal. This regulation basically makes sure this can never happen again, by enforcing that companies have to painstakingly document what data they collect and with whom do they share and make sure that the end user/client consents to the entire process. It also includes a right to be forgotten - basically, under GDPR, you have the right to request that a company removes any personal data they have on you and they are obliged to comply. There, are, of course, some stipulations to this rule - some data is simply needed for a company to provide its goods and/or services, and if you don’t want to give away a piece of data that the company needs for genuine reasons, they may not be able to provide said good/service to you.

We at CloudAccess.net take this new regulation very seriously, and so, after months of research, we have created a new Data Privacy/Handling Policy to make sure that our company respects those new rules, and we have also made some changes to our registration form to make sure that we only gather the data that we need to provide you with your desired service.
We hope that this new policy of transparency and respect to privacy will improve client-business relations not only for us, but for the entire IT community throughout the world;

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