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WordPress 5.5 – what's new?

Few days ago WordPress released candidate for WordPress 5.5. As we can read on their official blog: "This is an important milestone in the community's progress toward the final release of WordPress 5.5". The target date release for 5.5 is August 11th and it will be the second major WordPress release of the year and is full of many new features and improvements. What's new? Let's check it out

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WordPress 4.6 released

So here comes another major release of Wordpress with version 4.6, which includes cool new features and of course bug fixes. This article will explain how you should proceed with updating the site and then we will check out the new features introduced.

Those who do not have automatic updates set to ON will need to update the site manually, but make sure you take a BACKUP of the site before proceeding with the update.
Go to the Dashboard > Updates > Update your site. Easy, right!

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Protection from Critical WordPress XSS Vulnerability


Earlier today a zero-day XSS vulnerability was discovered, and it appears to affect all versions of WordPress. This vulnerability resulted in a critical security update release and it is recommended to update your WordPress site immediately.

The CloudAccess.net Abuse Team learned of the vulnerability shortly after its release. Within 2 hours, our team had crafted security measures at the server level in an effort to thwart this particular attack vector. The action taken by our team will likely result in less infected sites on the CloudAccess.net network and ultimately less affected clients.

The CloudAccess.net Platform is built specifically for hosting WordPress and Joomla websites. The well-being of these sites is our top priority and we take these types of vulnerabilities very seriously. As the Joomla and WordPress communities continue to harden the applications, CloudAccess.net will continue to evaluate each application's security at the server level.

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