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When your CMS is outdated and vulnerable

 From time to time we come across clients who are operating outdated Joomla and WordPress websites.

An outdated website is one which is not currently running the latest stable version, which can always be found here for Joomla and found here for WordPress. Like all web and desktop based software, keeping with the latest version is extremely important. Not only does it ensure that you are operating with the latest features, but it also ensures that you have the latest security patches installed.

We highly encourage clients to take advantage of the following options to ensure their sites remain safe among the ever changing threats on the web. 

Manual Updates

The core-CMS of your website can be updated with just a few clicks. Note: These processes do not necessarily update your websites extensions, plugins, themes or templates. 

Since Joomla 3.0, there has been an easy one-click upgrade process which our clients can utilize by logging into the /administrator section of their website. Once logged in, navigate to Components > Joomla Update, and click the button to update your Joomla website.

There is a simple update process for WordPress, which also includes a useful automatic core-update system. The automatic core updates can be toggled on and off as needed by installing a plugin.

Important: When using these options, it is crucial to first take a backup from within your Cloud Control Panel. Once the update is complete, check your site to ensure that everything looks good and functions properly. 

Enable Smart Updater (recommended)

The Smart Updater system is unique to CloudAccess.net and it takes the majority of time and worrying out of the update process.

Smart Updater scans your site periodically to check for all related updates (core-CMS, plugin, theme, template and extension updates). It automatically backs your site up, runs the updates, then uses a powerful AI scanning system to ensure the updates did not break your website. 

Professional Services

If you would like our talented developers and programmers to manually run and test updates on your site, we'd be glad to help at our standard hourly rate of $96. 

This option is useful for clients who have highly customized websites with business-critical functionality. It is also useful for clients who have significantly outdated sites (less than Joomla 3 or WordPress 3.7) in which case a more difficult update path may be needed. Click here to get a quote on a one-time update or service contract.
Our goal here at CloudAccess.net is to appropriate options for all types of sites and clients. Whichever you choose, please keep in mind that your website can be a large investment of time and money. Keeping it updated is essential to protecting this investment.
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