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Preventing menu dropdown going off the screen

Imortant: Feature is available only in the newest Cloudbase3 version (v1.0.3 and above). Otherwise please update the template.

Nowadays people are more and more often browsing sites using smartphones and tablets. It is very important to keep your website viewable on all devices. Sometimes, you may need to consider float your menu dropdowns to the left, as it's shown in the screenshots (the problem may also happen on desktop devices/laptops when having deep multi-level menu).

The default setting (menu dropdowns float to the right):


Menu Items floating left:


To change the menu float side, please go to Menus->menu_name->menu_item_name (dropdown's parent), choose Dropdown Menu Options tab-> Custom CSS Class. In the field please type: rt-dropdown-left. This class is applied for desktop devices/laptops. If you need to overwrite the setting for the same dropdown on tablets, type in the same field (after the space) rt-dropdown-right-tablet (see the screenshot).


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