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Joomla Migrations / Upgrades

Both Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 are no longer officially supported. It’s time to upgrade to the latest Joomla 3.x version.

Step 1: Rough Estimate
We gather the details of the project from the client and check the site. We then send them a rough estimate on the cost and wait to decide if they want to continue with the upgrade process.

Step 2: Create an Upgrade Roadmap
If the client decides to proceed, we go through the website and and create a plan to migrate it to the latest version of Joomla. This plan includes how much time each extension will require. It also includes information about the website’s template. Many templates are not compatible with different versions of Joomla so we have to check with the template provider to see if the same template is available for the Joomla 3.x version. If not, the client has to decide if they want to keep the same design or have a new look and feel with a different template. Once we have checked everything, we gather all the details and put them together in a document called the Upgrade Roadmap. This can be a lengthy process depending on the website, up to several hours, so we charge a flat rate of $90 to complete the Upgrade Roadmap.

Step 3: Project manager and client approve the Upgrade Roadmap
First the report goes to the project manager for a final review. Once completed, it is sent to the client where they will decide to approve or deny the project.

Step 4: Setup a new Joomla 3 website
Once the client has approved the project and completed the payment, we start by launching a new Joomla 3.x site.

Step 5: Backup both websites
Of course, no one wants to risk hours of work or mess up a live website, so we take a backup of each. Using our built-in backup manager within our Cloud Control Panel, we can quickly backup each website and restore them should something go wrong. This process usually takes less than 5 minutes, unless the site is really large.

Step 6: Install SP upgrade
We use SP Upgrade for the migration process, which does a wonderful job and saves time for both parties.

Step 7: Cleanup unwanted content
Before we migrate any content, we cleanup all the unwanted or unneeded content from the site. This helps to foster a smooth transition from the old version to the new.

Step 8: Upgrade
Once the cleanup phase is complete, we proceed with the migration. In this step, we move all of the content, which includes the articles, images, modules, user data, extensions,  etc.

Step 9: Correct extension errors
Sometimes there can be errors because of an extension that was missed during step 7. In this case, we will go back to step 5 and restore the backup that was created and start the process over again. We do this to ensure that the client is not getting any unneeded content on their site that could pose a risk in the future.

Step 10: Install the template & extensions
After successfully moving everything that can be done with SP Upgrade, we manually migrate or install any extensions that could not be moved with SP Upgrade. We also install the template and check that all module positions are working correctly with the data. If a custom template was needed, we build the template according to design and install with all the proper SEO and code values.

Step 11: Test, check and compare
Once everything has been migrated, we go back and check the SP Upgrade logs for how many users, articles, and modules were transferred and check that everything coincides with the Joomla 3.x site. We also check the site for consistency and ensure that no data was lost during the migration.

Step 12: Send to client for approval
The process is almost complete! At this time, we send the updated site to the client for a final approval. If any changes are needed, we complete the changes and repeat this step until all changes have been successfully made.

Step 13: Make a final backup and swap the domain names
Once the client approves the site we create a final backup of both sites. Next we use our domain swap feature that is built-in to our Cloud Control Panel. This will swap the domain names between the old and new sites. Depending on the DNS propagation, the new site will be live anywhere from a few moments and in rare cases, up to twenty-four hours. By swapping the domain names,

Step 14: Test the site after swapping the domain names
Once the new site is live, we check everything one last time to ensure that the site is working smoothly and without errors.

Step 15: Deliver the site to the client
Final step! Hurray! We deliver the site to the client and have a party ;) Just kidding... We don’t actually have a party, but we are very happy that we were able to deliver a quality product to our clients and make them happy!

So now when someone says it’s just migration, you will remember all the steps and hard work that goes into migrating a site from an old version to the latest and greatest version of Joomla. This is only our approach for migrating a website and we realize that others may follow a different workflow altogether, which could be easier or more difficult!

If your website is old and outdated right now is the time to migrate it! This will help to keep your site safe and secure and allow you access to all the new features that Joomla has to offer. Submit a ticket to our Professional Services division. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

If you are planning to migrate your site own your own, here are some helpful links :