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CloudAccess.net Billing Policy

Joomla! & WordPress Hosting and Software as a Service

Customers will be sent an invoice for services 5 days before the payment is due. If the payment method is set through a credit card, payment for your service will be debited from your credit card automatically on your due date and a receipt will be sent to you.

Plans Associated with our Software as a Service Agreement

  • FREE Hosting
  • $100.00 Managed Hosting ($10.00/month if paying monthly)
  • $726.00 Developer Plan ($121.00/month if paying monthly)
  • $6 Hosting for additional applications*

*$$6 Hosting  Support Plans for additional applications

At least one active Developer Plan is required to be eligible for the special $6 Hosting. Each site launched using the $6 Hosting Plan will receive the same level of hosting and support as the original plan.

Upgrading or Downgrading Account

You can upgrade or downgrade your Hosting & Support Plan at any time. If you downgrade your account, prior payments will not be prorated. To change your current Hosting & Support Plan, you can either log in to your Cloud Control Panel™(CCP), submit a support ticket with the request, or call our support team and they will handle the request for you. Our support staff will not be able to cancel your account. See “Cancellation of Service” below.

Pending Orders

Every pending order with an incomplete payment will be cancelled 72 hours after the date the order was placed. If you have any questions or problems regarding payment, please contact our billing department by opening a ticket in the Cloud Control Panel™(CCP). After opening a ticket, you may contact our billing department.

Verifying Orders

CloudAccess.net reserves the right to verify your contact details to prevent fraudulent transactions. During the payment process, if there is any suspicion of fraud, you might be temporarily blocked and asked to contact CloudAccess.net via support ticket or phone in order to verify your account details. We reserve the right to cancel any fraudulent orders if we are not able to verify their legitimacy. All your details are handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Refunds - 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your service, you will have 45 days from your product signup date to request a refund. To receive this refund, you must first login to your Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) and submit a cancellation of this product. Once you have received an email confirmation for the cancellation request you can log in to your Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) and submit a support ticket to the billing department requesting a refund. Refunds are limited to hosting services. Domain name purchases or SSL installation are nonrefundable services. After the 45 day money back guarantee grace period, CloudAccess is unable to issue refunds for any reason. CloudAccess may, in its sole discretion, issue client account credits on a case-by-case basis.

Billing Date Adjustments

If you need a billing date adjusted, you must submit a support ticket to the billing department. Please log in to the Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) and submit a support ticket requesting the adjustment. You can also change your billing cycle to a monthly or annual payments. Please note that these adjustments must be requested prior to the payment due date. 

Late Notices for Hosting/Service Fees

Late notices are sent to the primary account holder and to any sub-accounts set up to receive invoice notices.

  1. 10 days past the due date: First overdue reminder
  2. 20 days past the due date: Second overdue reminder
  3. 28 days past the due date: Third overdue reminder and reminder that service will be suspended 

Suspension of Hosting Service

If your account is unpaid at 30 days past the due date, your account will be suspended.

How to Reactivate Your Account

Log in to your Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) and pay the open invoice. Your account will be automatically released. If the account does not auto-release, you will need to submit a support ticket to the billing department.

Domain Purchases and Services

A reminder will be sent to the primary account holder for your domains. If you have domains registered with CloudAccess.net you will receive the following notices when your domain is about to expire. Please note we are not responsible if you do not receive these notices. We recommend you mark your calendar as a reminder to renew your domain.

  1. 30 days before your domain will expire: First renewal notice
  2. 15 days before your domain will expire: Second renewal notice
  3. 5 days before your domain will expire: Third renewal notice

If you fail to renew your domain name before it expires, you risk losing it. Domain names do not go into a "suspend" status. You either renew it or they expire. Be sure to mark your calendars to hlep you remember your renewal date. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refunds will NOT be provided for domain names.

Termination of Service

CloudAccess.net reserves the right to terminate an account and delete all data for non-payment 40 days after the invoice due date. For example, if the invoice was due on July 1st and you did not pay the bill we will send you notices and/or calls asking you if you will be paying the open invoice. If you do not pay we reserve the right to automatically terminate/cancel your account from our services. In this example, your account could be terminated on August 10th if the payment is not received.

Restoration After Termination

As a courtesy and NOT a guaranteed service, after we remove the data from our production servers the data does sit in our backup servers for at least thirteen more business days. Contact customer service if you need the data restored. We should be able to dig out the site. Any customers requesting data to be restored will be required to upgrade their terminated instance to a hosting package. This is a non-refundable payment. The reason for this charge is due to our team members having to do manual labor to pull out the archived data.

Cancellation of Service

We have one way to cancel services. Our staff will not and cannot cancel services for you. It is for the security of your data that we require you to login to your secure Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) to cancel services.

Please note: All cancellation requests will be processed at the end of your established billing cycle. If you would like your website taken down prior to the end of your billing cycle simply submit a support ticket to the billing department from your Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) with your request. This can only be done after the cancellation request has been submitted.

Wire Instructions

Submit a support ticket in your Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) and our team will send you back the details. Submit the ticket to billing.