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Snap! Conference 2019

Recently we attended the Snap! Conference (May 11th - 15th), led by the Wonderful team of Mandy and Kim. This event was held at the Little America hotel in the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah! As the other attendees know, this was the place to be for crafters and bloggers that week. Jonathan and Danielle attended SnapConf, and they had an absolute blast!

On the first day, we got in at 7 a.m, ready to get things set up, and anxious to meet everyone. Once we were ready to go, we made the best use of our time and got in some regular work until the attendees started arriving. The venue was excellent, with multiple crafting rooms open all day, every day, sessions going from morning until afternoon, and evening events. Thursday night there was a crafting in your PJ's party, Friday night there was a dinner with the Boise Boys from HGTV, and Saturday the conference was wrapped up! Friday morning we had breakfast as a group and got to listen to the wonderful music of Cheri Magill, from her new CD "Tour Guide". We even were given a free CD to take home! Saturday morning we had breakfast as a group again. During breakfast, we had an excellent Keynote speech from the one and only Jordan Page from, what a treat that was as well! After the event was over, Danielle had a chance to go to the Natural History Museum of Utah. Down below in a slideshow, we have some photos from the Museum and the event, for your enjoyment. At the Museum, she was able to see and learn about the Mayans, Native Americans, and even see some fossils!

The Snap! Conference was a three-day long event focused towards helping bloggers of all types (finance, fashion, craft, etc.) grow their blogs and skills, and it did just that. For this event, we brought half of our booth with us and did things a bit differently than normal. As you will see in a couple of photos, we had a "Helpdesk" set up. This Helpdesk was set up to help answer any questions that the bloggers may have had about their websites, and to let them know more about our company and how we are beneficial to them. Along with that, we brought along some of our updated Affiliate flyers, that shows how much money you can earn on our Affiliate program. Overall, this was an excellent event for crafters, bloggers, and anyone in the website industry. Thanks for the fun, learning, new relationships, and beautiful sights, SLC!

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