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Mobile-First Indexing: what is it and how does it work?

Google first presented the world with the idea of Mobile-First indexing in 2016. Since then, Google did a lot of tests which ultimately ended in 2018. In March that year, Google officially began implementing Mobile-First Indexing. 

What is Mobile-First Indexing? 

Mobile-First Indexing means that from now on the mobile version of a page will be prioritized when determining the position of a page in Google's search results. The desktop version will be indexed after mobile version. The most important reason for such a solution is constantly growing traffic from mobile phones on the Internet. Since 2015, the number of searches made on mobile devices from month to month increasingly exceeds those that are entered on computers. That is why, from April this year, all new sites are included in the Mobile-First Indexing. At the same time, the mentioned algorithm update will lower the ranking of websites that load too slowly on mobile phones or tablets.

What does it mean for not mobile-friendly sites?

Introducing Mobile-First Indexing means that positioning of all sites that do not have a mobile version will be much harder now. This issue does not apply to pages that are based on responsive web design. Though Google reassures that all pages that do not have a mobile version will not be completely removed from the index, from now on they will be shown much lower in search results. In order to help learn more about the new algorithm, the company published the official Mobile-First Index development guide.

How can I check whether my page is included in Mobile-First Index algorithm?

You can check it in the Mobile-Friendly Test prepared by Google. Remember that indexing of all pages will take some time so do not worry that your site will suddenly vanish from search results.

We can help!

Are you're worried that your website will disappear from Google's search results because it's not optimized for mobile? Our team can help you! All you have to do is reach out to our Professional Services department and we'll be more than happy to assist you with optimizing your website.

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