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How to recover deleted pages in WordPress?

Imagine that you've deleted some pages in your WP totally by accident (or on purpose) and now you want them back. What to do in these kinds of situations? Is it possible to recover deleted pages? To answer all your questions we've prepared a short guide on this topic. Let's dive into it!

The easiest way: restoring pages from the trash 

In case of deleting pages, WP works like a normal computer. Deleted items are moved to „Trash" folder (they are not deleted permanently right away). After 30 days though, WP will automatically delete them for good. If you've deleted a page and it's still in the trash then all you need to do is to restore it.

As you can see, this method is the easiest and the quickest. You just need to simply click on the „Restore" button and that's it. Using this method you can either restore one page or more at a time. In order to do that, choose „Restore" from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu as seen below.

Restoring deleted pages using a backup plugin 

We've discussed the importance of having a backup in one of our blog posts: https://www.cloudaccess.net/fresh/blog/entry/2019/12/17/why-it-is-so-important-to-backup-your-website.html but if you still don't have a backup it's time to do it. There are many good backup plugins for WordPress that will help you recover any deleted content. Of course you need to remember one thing: if you decide to recover your content by using backup plugin it will restore it to an earlier point. It means that all changes that you made after that time can be lost.

Restoring deleted pages with the help of your hosting company 

If you are one of our happy clients, you should know that all of our hosting plans include daily backup services. What is more, we keep one full backup of any new site on our network and every 12 hours we dump your database to disk. Backup happens automatically - we do give you tools to force backup but if you forget, we provide managed backup services for all our clients. Additionally, we retain database backups in /backup/database/ folder for 7 days and all retained Database Backups are moved to backup servers. It's possible to recover up to 14 days and every 12 hours snapshots of your database.

If you accidentally deleted some content, don't worry. We have multiple backup and recovery options built right into the CloudAccess.net Platform. This provides peace of mind that your data remains safe and available to you when you need it.  

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