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Introducing the Cloud Control Panel™2.0

We take great pride in our customized Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) that is simple, intuitive and powerful. The CCP is at the heart of our platform and the main interface between clients and team members. You won’t find a better control panel at any other hosting company. Today we are launching a new version of our Joomla-specific, feature-rich CCP and we know you'll enjoy your new client experience.


CCP 2.0 Features

All of your favorite CCP features like launching new Joomla sites, submitting support tickets, managing backups and accessing site information are still available. We've added many new features including:

  • One click access to each Joomla Instance
  • One click backups & restores
  • Replicate Joomla Instances from production to staging environments
  • Subdomain URL mapping
  • The ability to preload account funds
  • The abililty to turn Joomla updates on & off

Watch the video below to get a quick preview of the CCP 2.0. Documentation on how to perform tasks using the CCP 2.0 is coming soon.

Improved User Interface (UI)

We have completely revised the look and feel of the CCP. We decided to go with a flat design and we removed textures, gradients, shadows and other elements to focus on simplicity. We used a saturated and bright color palette to highlight important elements, allowing our clients to easily recognize and interact with the important CCP elements.

Improved User Experience (UX)

The new UX revolves around each individual “Joomla Instance” hosted on our platform. Using the Dashboard at the top, clients can select which Joomla Instance they’d like to work with and then perform site-specific operations like upgrading/downgrading the product, accessing the application directly, creating backups, replicating sites and more. To take the UX a step further, our talented development team has made the new CCP completely responsive on mobile devices. We have also included a completely revised checkout process, which drastically simplifies the process of purchasing products.

What is a “Joomla Instance”?

In the spirit of treating Joomla as a true cloud-based application, we added functionality like the Replicate Site feature that will inevitably change the perception of Joomla as just a CMS. Instead, we refer to each Joomla site as a “Joomla Instance”. With our current and future CCP features, each Joomla Instance can be scaled, replicated and disseminated with the click of a button.

The Future of the CCP

We will continue to invest into the usability and features of our CCP into the future. You can be sure that these features will be at the fore-front of both Joomla and cloud-based technology. As always, we encourage our clients to continue to request new features. If you have an idea on a new feature, contact us and we would be happy to put it on the roadmap.

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