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A New Site, A New Office & A New Product: Adding WordPress to the Platform

It’s almost Spring, and there are several refreshing changes happening at We have a new website and a new office location, and (most importantly) a new product to announce. WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system powering close to 20% of the world’s top websites, has now been completely integrated into the platform!


For the last 4 years, we've focused 100% of our attention to developing the most complete web hosting platform available for the Joomla Content Management System. We've scaffolded support services around Joomla and we've helped tens of thousands of people learn how to build and maintain their own Joomla sites. We've now set our sights on doing the same thing with WordPress.

Over the years we've received countless requests to extend our services to incorporate WordPress. After a great deal of hard work by the entire Team, we are happy to announce that we are officially providing managed hosting and support for the WordPress application. Just like with Joomla, clients can immediately provision a WordPress website through the Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) and use all the CCP features to manage their application.

CCP Features Include:

  • 30 Day Demos
  • Domain names
  • One-click application access
  • One-click database access
  • Custom backups & restores
  • Support ticket access
  • Error and access logs
  • Site replication to staging areas
  • Security features
  • and much, much more

Our support team has been training and building their own WordPress sites for the past several months and we’re ready to answer your questions. We've developed an initial set of WordPress Getting Started Tutorials and will continue to build our knowledgebase as time progresses. We’ll also start offering WordPress Webinars in the near future.

Learn how to Launch a WordPress Site Now!

While we were at it, we decided to redesign our entire site to match the contemporary look, feel and functionality of the CCP. While we’ll always be a Joomla company at heart, this is a big step for us and will propel us towards our goal of offering the best managed hosting and support services for a variety of applications.


And, as if we weren't busy enough, we decided to move our office to a new location. Our Traverse City headquarters is now in the historic Warehouse District, which is adjacent to the bustling downtown area. The office has scenic views of the Grand Traverse Bay and Boardman River and houses other businesses including a popular local brewery, a five star gourmet restaurant, and an art gallery. We’re a stone’s throw from the West Bay Beach and the beach volleyball courts, too!


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