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Importing a Site: New Cloud Control Panel Feature - Watch Now!

Thousands of clients have asked us to help them import their site into our network, and our support team has always installed the site for individual clients manually. We’re more than happy to continue doing this, but we’ve also developed a new site importation feature within the Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) enabling clients to import sites easily on their own.

import feature

We offer managed hosting and support for the Joomla and WordPress applications. Using this feature you can easily migrate your site by using a number of options. You can upload a .jpa file from your computer or paste in a link to a downloadable .jpa file from the Internet. Or you can upload individual site and database files or paste in links to downloadable site and database files on the Internet. You also have the choice of launching the application as a new product on our platform or to overwrite an existing site. Watch the video below to learn how to access and use the feature or read our Importing a Site knowledgebase article.

Read our "Importing a Site" Knowledgebase Article

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Of course our support team is still more than willing to help you migrate your pre-existing site into our network for you absolutely free of charge. This new feature adds autonomy to an existing platform service, but it offers our clients even more convenience when building in the cloud. If you’d like our help, simply submit a support ticket, attach the compressed site file or downloadable links and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re also definitely interested in hearing about additional features you’d like to see within the CCP. We’re continually improving the CCP - the web hosting industry’s most complete cloud-based application management tool - and a lot of the improvements we’ve made have stemmed from client suggestions. Take a peek at our CCP Roadmap to see what changes are ahead, view our CCP Changelog to see our recent updates, or request a feature. We’ll discuss the idea and determine if it’s a viable option to include in the future.

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